The Three Certain Truths

Oh, Life! For so many years, you’re still a mystery to me.

After all the books I’ve read, after all the words I’ve heard from others, after all the things I’ve read in the internet and after all the experiences I’ve gone through, I still don’t have the exact key in unlocking the door leading to certain truth.

But is there such thing as certain truth in this world? Yes, there is but only very few. Almost everything else is relative. Truth changes all the time. What was true before is no longer be applicable in the present.

There are only three certain truths which never change and may still stand true in the years to come. Love, compassion and kindness.

We may no longer believe that there’s a God out there, promising us eternal joy in Heaven.

The Power of Prayer

We may no longer believe in technology that it would bring us any good at all. We may no longer work hard for the future. What remains then is our concern on how we live in the present.

We will only ask ourselves these questions. Have I truly loved? Have I been compassionate? Have I been kind to others?



2019 is My Year

Whatever is happening to me and to my family, I look at those events as something that occurred for a meaningful reason. It may appear undesirable and upsetting but I have to reframe it, for me to get something good out of it.

Chapter 41

It’s no use anymore to be mad or to find someone or something to blame, for it already happened and I can only move on to learn from all those things.

Oftentimes, I’m tempted to be angry but I have to cool down and still be at peace with myself, others and most especially with The Creator.

In these moments, I take those events and use them for me to come out as a more learned man. I become wiser. I’ve been tested and shaken but I come out sharpened and refined.

Together with my family, with all my belief and confidence, I affirm again: “2019 is my year. I’m gonna be rich, successful and blessed with intelligence and good health. Thank God. Amen.”


Gong hei fat choy!

Today is Chinese New Year and I can only be amazed with them because apart from the Jan. 1, there’s no other New Year celebration than the Chinese. More than than their largest population in this world, I guess it’s their success stories which we should pay attention.

Here in our country, most of the big business establishments are owned by Chinese. The largest store which is owned by the wealthiest Filipino (who recently passed away at the age of 94), was born of Chinese parents. Henry Sy was relentless, hard working and determined. All his efforts paid off. His family must have been sitting pretty for all these years.

One noteworthy attitude with the Chinese is their being frugal and futuristic. They can sacrifice their wants just as long as they can save money in order to realize their bold and ambitious dreams.

Collectively, they’re taking over the globe. China is the fastest growing economy of the world. Sooner than we think, US will be way behind. As it’s been said, “God made the world and everything else is by China.” Hehehe!

My wife works in the biggest hardware store in Cebu owned by the Chinese. She’s been influenced by their practice of Feng Shui. One belief is having money, egg, rice, sweets, fruits and candle on the table as this will attract good luck on the start of the year. Well, let’s see…

With or without Feng Shui, Astrology or Numerology, I think anyone can be successful if we just have focus on one goal and work hard for it without relenting.

I used to affirm words to myself in order to create reality I want to happen. I wasn’t just consistent. Let me do it again but this time it’s focused coupled with unrelenting hard work.

I affirm: “2019 is my year. I’m gonna be rich, successful and blessed with intelligence and good health. Thank God. Amen.”

Gong hei fat choy, everyone!

An Ideal Death

Five days ago, Pepe Smith, pioneer of Pinoy rock, died at the age of 71. According to reports, he was strumming his guitar hours before his death.

Life wasn’t easy for him. He was jailed. He suffered from stroke and cataract. But I guess what mattered to the man was he lived his life to the fullest. He was able to do what he wanted to do, rock and rollin…

Also this week, someone passed away in our village due to heart complications. She was in her late sixties.

I spoke to the son and expressed my heartfelt condolence. According to him, his mother was already advised by his doctor years ago to change her lifestyle. Her eating of meat was unrestrained without intake of fruits and vegetables. She was getting big without physical exercise.

While listening to him, I looked into his eyes. How I wished I’ve told him to take care of his health. He’s a smoker. I could have told him to stop smoking and eat healthy foods but I guess it wasn’t appropriate.

Before, we ended our conversation, he said that death comes to all of us anyway. It’s just a matter of time. He’s right.

My ideal death would just happen during my sleep. I die not due to any sickness but purely of old age. I leave the world in happiness knowing I’ve fully done what I wanted to do. I leave the world in peace having totally forgiven and having asked for forgiveness.

Don’t Let Your Past Imprison You

I see a person who is filled with insecurities and madness in her life. Probably because she felt like she’s the only one who wasn’t able to finish college among her siblings. She’s also the only one who fell into the vice of using illegal drugs before. There are many things she did but I think one of the most terrible things she did was violently hurting her own husband, daughter and her younger sister.

I don’t exactly know what’s going on in her mind. I thought she’s transformed when she became a pastor in her church but nothing changed. She’s still a fault finder while she continues to do bad things against others. She has no credibility being a preacher of God’s word. She doesn’t live what she preaches. I don’t know if the people in her church know who she really is and what she had done and keeps doing. How does she manage to have the guts to speak in the name of God while there are many people she caused pain? I’m not sure if she’s still their pastor in the present. If I find out she’s been replaced or stripped off from her function, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. If that happens, I would feel relieved.

I’m just praying she will awaken, be enlightened and guided into the right path. Even with her greed and clever evil ways, I still wish she’ll be transformed someday, in the right order of time. After all, she’s still my sister.

There’s sadness and hatred both to herself and others. I pity her. Her dark past is like imprisoning her.

Don’t let your past hold you back in your pursuit of happiness. If you do, you’ll be miserable all toughout your life.

Give a Stuffed Toy

Giving stuffed toys is one of an all-time favorite ways of making someone happy. Whether there’s an occasion or not, you’ll never fail to make the person smile and fall for you especially if that person is a woman.

I thought before only women are into stuffed toys but my sons are also into these things. When they were small, my wife and I used to give them with these kind of toys. I was amused one time when my youngest son was hugging that little brown puppy while talking as if he was conversing with a real pet. He would then cuddle it and rub it softly against his face. Hahaha!

Both of my sons are fully grown up. The eldest is now working as a software engineer while the youngest will be entering college months from now. However, they still keep their stuffed toys in our room. Although they don’t play with it anymore but they’re so glad when I took a picture of their cute pets.

If you’re courting someone or just want to simply please your spouse, give a stuffed toy and match it with flowers and chocolates. I know it’s kinda old school but it still works.

Work Hard for the Money

It’s been said that money can’t buy happiness. It’s true but without it, you can go hungry and feel you’re a burden in this society.

You may have debts. Combined with your monthly bills, your income may not be enough to pay them all. That’s why you have to work harder. If you’re into sales, you have to get better in your presentations so you can close more and get paid with more commissions.

You don’t want to borrow money from anyone. You don’t want to place your burden unto others. Continually, you’re trying to figure out ways on how you can earn more. If that’s who you are, then I salute you and bow down before you.

You realize how important money is. It’s a big part in life. We are physical beings. We need food, water, clothing and shelter to survive in this world. Those things are not free. We have to earn money in order to buy them. All of them are not one time purchases except for shelter. For some, buying a house remains a dream.

I used to believe that God provides. What I thought at that time was He, with all His magical power, would really provide my needs as long as I’m good to others while I serve Him by preaching His Word. But I was wrong. So I stopped what I was doing at that time and got back to being employed. I had to, lest my family would starve.

I realize that money is essential to man’s existence. Oftentimes, it can buy happiness when you use it to take out your family for dinner and buy not only their needs but their wants as well.


Whether you’re employed or having your own business, keep working. Don’t depend on others. If possible, don’t ask nor borrow money from them. It’s a great fulfillment when your family looks upon you with respect and pride that you’ve been doing your best with all your efforts to be a good provider.

Stay Away from Negative People

Energy is all around us. We don’t see it but we feel it as it has an effect on us. There are just two forms of energy. One is positive and the other one is negative.

One time, when I was near with a person who had done bad things against me and my family, I really felt the negative energy she was emitting. Not considering what she did, she really is a person of negativity. She’s known to have encountered troubles because of her terrible attitude. She easily finds faults of other people while she refuses to see her own mistakes. I think she’s a sadist because she seems to “enjoy” watching others suffer. Well, there are people who are like that in this world wherever you go. Even during the time of Jesus Christ, there were the Pharisees and Sadducees. They were the classic hypocrites who love to preach in the name of God yet they didn’t even have compassion to their fellow men.

Desiderata, a famous piece of writing, mentioned to stay away from those kind of people for they are vexation to the spirit. For me, not only they’re vexation, they are major blocks of happiness. They cause misery. But since, she’s always there, what I do is just ignore her as if she doesn’t exist.

I guess that’s what you do as well. If you can’t stay away from negative people, try to treat them as if they’re not around.

Don’t get absorbed too much with your feelings.

I have a friend who has a bipolar disorder. It’s severely affecting with the way he does even as simple as getting up to bed and eat. He said that this is the point where he feels so low. It’s like everything is so empty and nothing is worth doing at all. In extreme cases, he tends to commit suicide. But the good thing, he has a friend who gives him moral support. Without him, he could been long gone in this world.

On the other hand, there are times, although rare, that he feels so ecstatic. This is where he’s so inspired to do things such as writing. By the way, he’s a published American author. In fact, he has a book which according to him, a breakthrough in Physics. He claims that he was able to explain what wasn’t explained by Albert Einstein. He insists that if everyone reads his book, our way of life would change for the better. We would see things differently, thus, treat each other differently.

Sometimes, I somehow consider myself to be having this bipolar disorder but it’s very mild and manageable. When I feel low, I just recall Mom’s words.  Every time I was sad and lonely, she gently touched my head and said, “Yan, it’s just feelings.”

I know what she meant and I feel alright then.

Have Fun

We tried eating at this new restaurant which caught my attention at first sight from outside. Their words printed on their windows, walls and even on their menu are very funny written in our dialect.


Gusto ko mag-tigum pero permi ko gutom. Translation: “I wanna save but I’m always hungry.” Bwahaha!!!

Alarm clock na lang galeh ang naay time sa imo, ginapatay pa nimo. Translation: “Alarm clock is the who has time for you but it’s what you turn off.” Hahaha!

My toes, my knees, my crush is manhid. Toink! “My toes, my knees, my crush is numb.” Hehehe!


On their wall, it says, Dili ko free taste na ti tilaw tilawan lang nimo. Translation: “I’m not for free taste that you just try and try.” Hehehe!

I’m sure the owner is a pure Cebuano who shows his being a genuine local boy. He must love grilled food as the name of his unique restaurant is BOYZUGBA. I’m also sure what he does as a businessman is something he mixes it with fun. So I admire him. He inspires me. He’s a true entrepreneur.

Time will come someday when I have my own business. I’ll remember BOYZUGBA. I must be original without fear of facing big brands in the market. I must inject funny elements in my place where my customers laugh and smile so they will at least forget for a while whatever problem they may have in life.