Pray with all your Love

My youngest son, Lance, is admitted in the hospital due to some physical pains. While we’re in the emergency room, I asked him what’s in his mind. He replied that he hopes this will be over soon so he can go home and go back to school.

I caressed his hand and said, “Lance… Mommy and I always love you. From the day you were born, we’re always here at your side.”

He looked teary eyed.

Together with my wife, I laid down my hand on his body and prayed with all my love: “God, I pray that my son will just be fine. I hope this is just a minor procedure without the need of operation. But whatever it is and in spite of everything, we trust in you. We have faith in your divine love and power. We also trust the doctors and the medications they give for they are instruments of your healing power. Amen.”

Then we prayed one Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. I noticed he closed his eyes and prayed along with us.

Then he said, “Thank you.” His voice was low and weak but I intensely felt his gratitude. Reading his mind, he must be glad that he got his parents caring and praying for him.

Prayer is one of the most sublime deeds that you can do for someone. It’s a divine expression of how you love the person and sometimes, it brings miracles.


Advice from the Heart

Yesterday, I was so glad to know that my son finally got a job. It’s his first work after having graduated just last month.

He was so ecstatic that he jumped for joy. But I guess what made him deeply happy were the words I said to him. Below was our FB chat conversation:

Me: “Lecar, I’m so proud of you. Here it is. Indeed, good things come to those who wait. You waited patiently. You deserve this job. You will excel for sure I know. Take care of this company and they will take care of your progressing success. Be punctual. Don’t be absent. Take care of your health. Mommy, Lance and I are always here to support and love you for always.”

Lecar: “Chuya ug advice nimo daddy, came from years of experience 😍. Yes daddy, you pointed out my patience and I will take care of this company well and I will be punctual and take good care of my health.”

Afterwards, he personally thanked me for the words I gave him which according to him wasn’t cliché but really words of wisdom after having experienced different episodes in life.

Giving heartfelt advise even when not asked but needed in a special situation can make a great impact to someone’s life. It will be long remembered, serving an invaluable guiding light. When the person looks back, he may credit his success and happiness to your words of wisdom.


Make Love Regularly

If you’re married, don’t forget to make love with your spouse at least once a week. Sometimes, I must admit I’m guilty for not having done this with my wife due to being occupied with work and some household chores. But I must have no excuse. Why should I? Sexual intercourse in marriage is one of life’s greatest rewards. There’s passion. There’s love. No fear but only physical and mental expression of how you truly love each other.

When I reach orgasm as I embrace my wife tight, I say I reach happiness in the most sensual and pleasurable way. The most delicious food or any sensory experience can’t even match a bit to the heightened joy in climax. And when I witness her achieve her orgasm as well, her sensuous facial expression indicates she seems to experience bliss or nirvana. She then thanks me as if I’ve given her more than gold and money.

I read before an article about Tantric sex. It said that for couple who love each other truly, reaching mutual orgasm is like partaking divine joy with the gods in heaven. Wow! Can you imagine that?

So go ahead and make love with your spouse regularly.

Knowing Filipinos

Here in our country, Philippines, one of the common traits you might observe is an attitude which isn’t upfront, although not all Filipinos are like this. For example, if I’m hungry, even if you ask me if I wanna eat, usually my response is, I’m okay, which is synonymous to, I’m not hungry. However, if you really believe that I’m not hungry and you proceed in eating by yourself, then I become upset.

Since I’m fully aware of that, even with my interaction to my family, I make sure that I always know what’s behind their responses. So when they say, ok rako, which means I’m okay, it just means they’re not really okay. Oftentimes, I have to ask further what they want until I have to proactively serve them with food even they don’t ask for it. But when they start to eat, I can see deep in their faces that they’re glad I didn’t believe their ok rako response in the first place.

So if you’re an American, for example, and you’re courting a Pinay, now you know what you should do in order to please her and make her happy. Most likely, you will win her heart in the process.

Never Wish Harm

Never wish harm to anyone. Remember, our minds have the power to create reality. When you entertain a thought, imagining a certain incident happening to a specific person, there’s a possibility it might come true especially if the thought is consistent.

For example, there might be someone whom you detest and you can’t help but involuntarily wish for bad things to happen. What if your wish comes true? You might regret you’ve wished it in the first place. You could be affected to the point of your sadness leading to emotional guilt and pain.

What you should do once these kind of negative thoughts come to your mind is simply to let it go. Don’t continue entertaining the thought. Just replace it instead of a positive thought such as praying sincerely, saying, “God enlighten that person. May he be guided to the right path.”

I, myself, have a sibling whom I honestly don’t like at all. It’s a long story if I write it here. It’s normal that if you dislike someone much more if that person has actually done bad things against you, you can’t help but think of negative thoughts. Whatever she had said and done, she’s still my sister. Whatever may happen to her, I’m sure I’ll share her pain in one way or the other. So in order to avoid that outcome, I have to pray for her wellness and safety. In so by doing, I’m praying the same prayer for myself. Aren’t we all one in the ultimate reality?

Don’t Be Sad

Few minutes ago, my brother and I were having a conversation. He told me that he accompanied his friend in the hospital. They were in a large room where it was filled with cancer patients who were undergoing chemotherapy.

His friend, who’s in a stage 3 cancer, met a certain person who was there to visit the doctor for some follow up check-up. This person said that she’s a cancer survivor and the major reason why she’s able to overcome her sickness is because of her being happy. According to her, when you’re sad, your immune system will be down which could lead to invasion of cancer cells in our bodies. But when you’re happy, your immune system will be strong, thus, creating a defense against these cancer cells.

I definitely agree. Even as simple as fever, the moment it hits me, I would cheer myself by getting occupied with what I like to do such as listening to music, meditation or watching a movie. I don’t take medicine. Not a single tablet at all. I just double my water intake and get more hours of sleep. Then after some few hours, I observe, my fever is then gone.

Controlled Breathing

When I find it hard to sleep, I do my controlled breathing. There’s no need for a sleeping pill. After for about 30 minutes, my body feels so light that in no time, I easily fall asleep. When I wake up, I feel refreshed. Then I say to myself, “Wow! That was a good sleep. Thank God!” I’m always glad having spent some time for this kind of excercise. Here’s how I do it:

I turn on my iPod playing a soothing music to help me calm down. In my bed, I sit in crossed legs with a pillow to support my back. I put my hands on my lap. Then I close my eyes as I’m aware of my breathing, inhale, exhale….

When I notice my breathing is relaxed, I exhale deeply through my nose for 10 seconds. Then again through my nose, I inhale for 10 seconds. I hold my breath for 5 seconds. Then I slowly release my breath, exhaling through my mouth. Thereafter, I go back to my normal relaxed breathing. I repeat this process for 10 times.

Try it for yourself. What works for me might also work for you.

Sing Your Favorite Song

If you google the country with the best singers in the world, the top sites say it’s the Philippines. Some say that our country is the singing capital of the world.

I, myself, used to sing before with a boy band, performing at the malls, gym and during fiestas. But that was a long time ago when my vocal chords were in good shape.

I still sing these days when I’m driving to keep me awake on the road. Sometimes, my family goes to a karaoke bar where in a private room, each of us sings after one’s turn. Just by observing our faces, singing to the best we can while firmly holding the mic, there’s no denying all of us want to be professional singers if we’re just gifted with great voices. Hahaha! But I guess it’s not really whether we can sing well or not but it’s more on the joy being able to express ourselves artistically through music.

There are times when I hear a melancholic love song, I sing along. Then I sweetly smile as I recall a specific person associated with the song.

Days before my mom passed away, the last thing she was able to do where she expressed her joy was singing. It was so meaningful because she was like lullabying her granddaughter, Vera. After singing, she happily smiled facing the video and asked, “Nindut nuh?” It means, isn’t it wonderful?

If you don’t know how to sing, just do it and try to imitate your favorite singer singing your favorite song. It could be one of the happiest things you could ever do in your life.

(video courtesy of my sister, Peaches)

Watch a Funny Video

If you want to cheer yourself up in less than a minute, you can just go to YouTube and find the right video which suits your local preference.

I came across this particular video while I was trying to avoid from falling to sleep at work. In a matter of 17 seconds, my sleepiness was instantly gone while I smiled and laughed, trying to control my laughter so not to disturb others. But really, I was LOL inside of me! Bwahahaha! It was the shortest comedy scene I’ve ever watched so far!

Let me put in words what the pinoy said, “TANan anaa Diyos Ug Ang Yawa. Rayuma, Hubak, Ubo Makuha. Dayon Ang Resulta Kamatayon.” The literal translation is this: God and Devil are all there is. You get rheumatism, asthma, cough. Then the result is death.

At first glance for non-filipinos, there’s nothing funny about it. Tanduay Rhum Dark is a famous strong alcoholic brand in the Philippines. It’s consumed mostly by middle to lower class. With its cheap price, it can make you easily drunk. But there are a lot of stories that a number of men got sick to their demise due to frequent drinking of this rhum.

What makes it funny then? It’s the manner in which the man discloses what the acronym stands for. He acted like a typical salesman you see at the hallway of a mall, enthusiastically educating his audience. Obviously, he was being satirical but understanding deeply what he was trying to convey, there’s a truth behind. I bet he wanted to send a message that drinking this kind of liquor is like meeting the devil because of the disease it brings leading to death. On the other hand, it’s also like meeting God probably because you get high in happiness as if problems don’t exist which is an observable phenomenon to drunk people at the bar or at the street.

But please don’t get me wrong. This post isn’t about alcohol but the ways of being happy which is simply watching a funny video in YouTube. Hehehe!

(video courtesy of Claude Online PH)

Love What You Do

The movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, is still fresh on my mind when I watched it last year of November with my family. It was an entertaining biographical film as expected from the music legend, Freddie Mercury, Queen’s front man, who had a rare gift with his high pitch powerful voice. But I guess one of the most interesting aspects of the man was the way he performed on stage. Obviously, he loved what he did as shown with the way he passionately sang, moved and danced before the audience. Even if you watch his live performances recorded on tape, the film was true enough to portray Freddie as a genuine entertainer. I say genuine entertainer because he wasn’t faking his moves. He enjoyed what what he did and the more he expressed his joy when the audience responded positively as can be seen in his amazing performance in the finale during the Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium, London.

I can’t help but remember the suicide note of Kurt Cobain, Nirvana’s front man. He wrote, “For example when we’re back stage and the lights go out and the manic roar of the crowds begins., it doesn’t affect me the way in which it did for Freddie Mercury, who seemed to love, relish in the love and adoration from the crowd which is something I totally admire and envy. The fact is, I can’t fool you, any one of you. It simply isn’t fair to you or me. The worst crime I can think of would be to rip people off by faking it and pretending as if I’m having 100% fun.”

What I’m saying is you must love what you do. I guess, must, is not the proper word because when you love what you do, you don’t feel obligated. You just do it for your pleasure and self-fulfillment.

I love writing, that’s why I write daily because it gives me inner joy. If I stop writing, it feels like a part of me is taken away while draining my energy to live.