After composing a eulogy for Mom on Sept. 25, 2018, I let my son read it at Cebu Rolling Hills Chapel after the Holy Mass…


“Your name, Brenda, sounds music to our ears.
The last song you sang lovingly was Usahay. It’s one of your favorite Visayan songs.

When you were around, we could have told you that it’s not how long you live your life but it’s how well you live your life. Indeed, you lived your life very well which was more than enough to make us realize that we had been truly loved by you to the best you can.

Leaving your being a school teacher in Escalante, you chose to devote your life with Dad and for the following years, with us, your five children. You even went beyond with your care, encompassing your in-laws, grandchildren and even your community both in our village and in our parish.

Now that you’re gone from our sight, it saddens us that we were not able to say many thanks to you. But please know that we’re deeply grateful of your love, care, concern, kindness and compassion.

Ma, we wanna say thank you so much. We hope these words will fly to the air and reach your spirit there in the kingdom of God.

Though ordinary you may appear to others but in our eyes, you always occupy a special place in our hearts.

We love you so much, Ma. We will be missing you forever.”

Brenda V. Gavini
Jan. 17, 1946 – Sept. 22, 2018

(Video taken by my sister, Peaches, days before Mom passed away. She was singing to Peaches’ daughter, Vera, until falling to sleep.)