Teresa & Chris. In this fictional story, God is having conversations with a female fetus and on the other hand, with a boy in a dreaming state. There are different messages that God delivers in an unconventional way which may put our beliefs in an inconvenient position. However, the readers are encouraged to discover the truth on their own.

The Questions of Dodong. A young man, named, Dodong, who just graduated from College, went to a store to buy bread. He had no idea he would be meeting an old man filled with wisdom who would open his mind to the larger truths in life. Everything seems to be unexpected. He met an attractive lady receptionist, leading him to an extra-love affair. There began his roller-coaster ride resulting to a fatal incident. It didn’t end there. He had to overcome the wrath of nature and the inquisition of the people… The highlight of this novel, set in the Philippines, was when he encountered God both in his waking consciousness and in his dreams. Did God really talk to him? What’s the message? Or he could be making all these things up. In some chapters, President Rodrigo Duterte is featured.

The Word. (FREE) It’s a mysterious encounter with God in a form of an inaudible voice.