Desire is the Cause of Suffering

Desire is present in every person. We are born with many desires and as we age, the lesser we have. Some we let go while some we hold on until we die.

However, desire is the cause why we suffer. So some religious groups try to renounce it while some live their lives without it at all.

It’s been said that a desire which is unfulfilled will haunt you forever. So you have to fulfill it so later in life, it wouldn’t be so hard to let it go. But what if your desire can never be fulfilled for whatever reason it may be. That’s where you must learn to let it go and realize you can live without it.


What is The Truth?

The Truth. Search for it. Don’t stop until you know and taste the truth.

DSC03456 (4)

Truth is highly personal. For it to be genuine, it must be discovered by oneself, no one else. For it to last forever, it must be coming from within. The greatest truths are all found around you. You don’t have to travel from one place to the other. You don’t even have to open your physical eyes. You don’t even have to move a foot away. It’s all within you. Search, continue, persist and patiently wait for the right time.

You may say you haven’t yet discovered the truth but I say, you will, someday. Definitely, you won’t find it outside but inside of you. No one knows when, not even you. Without your expectation, you mind and spirit will be opened up suddenly to absorb all the greatest truths in the universe. When that finally happens, you will understand and the rest will follow.

Let your search go on towards the discovery of those truths. Let your thoughts lead to them. Walk to the path towards a destination which we will achieve someday. Others may have their own roads. Anyhow, the destination is one, same and universal. Others may get there later. Others will be ahead from the rest. It doesn’t matter. We will arrive there in one way or the other.

Emptiness, Destiny and Love

Life is empty. It has no meaning. Living day by day is but a reality which just occurs. It is as it is. If I die, then I die. If I continue to live, then I live. If I get lucky, it’s just only by chance or pure random. If I don’t, then it’s just the way it is.


I see things in this world as void. People laugh. They get together but behind all is nothing. The truth is… There’s no happiness nor sadness at all. There’s no good nor bad. When you peel off anything, what you see is pure neutrality. Living day by day as if there’s no tomorrow.

On the other side of the story, everything that happens is destiny. Whatever that occurs right now is the product of our past dominant thoughts and decisions. Everyone is responsible to what’s going on in our lives in one way or the other. The present is simply the by-product of the past. The future is the result of our ongoing interaction with the current situation. Sometimes, the future can be viewed through our dreams. When we wake up, we will know what’s going to happen in the near future if we’re able to decode the symbols presented and what we felt during our dreams.

After emptiness and destiny, there’s the third one which purifies the two, thus, becomes, the most powerful reality. And that’s love. Love uncovers emptiness and brings out the wonders in life. Love breaks the chains of karmic reactions in destiny. It changes the course of destiny in the present situation towards the path of one’s highest desire in freeing humanity’s long standing suffering from ignorance and slavery. A slavery of man-made laws and beliefs…

The message of love is unconditional kindness without any anger nor revenge. It wishes only goodness to everyone. Forgiveness is the dominant dictate of the heart. Compassion is the overflow of its emotions.

2019 is My Year

Whatever is happening to me and to my family, I look at those events as something that occurred for a meaningful reason. It may appear undesirable and upsetting but I have to reframe it, for me to get something good out of it.

Chapter 41

It’s no use anymore to be mad or to find someone or something to blame, for it already happened and I can only move on to learn from all those things.

Oftentimes, I’m tempted to be angry but I have to cool down and still be at peace with myself, others and most especially with The Creator.

In these moments, I take those events and use them for me to come out as a more learned man. I become wiser. I’ve been tested and shaken but I come out sharpened and refined.

Together with my family, with all my belief and confidence, I affirm again: “2019 is my year. I’m gonna be rich, successful and blessed with intelligence and good health. Thank God. Amen.”