20. Sorry po!

“Therefore, be a creator in the truest sense, for it’s our image and likeness of God. So when we’re consistently a creator until our last breath, our spirits leave the body. Then finally God will examine our spirits if we become His perfect duplicate. If we pass having successfully won this great game, then we rejoin back with Him in Heaven as pure energy. The difference is, there’s no loser. When a man dies, not able to be a consistent creator, he can be considered as a temporary loser. But after many lifetimes, he will eventually win. The act of sharing food is just one of the ways you can create happiness. Sharing of knowledge to others is the most sublime act of creation. In this way, you create the experience of lasting happiness because you’ll provide humanity the gateway to be liberated from ignorance.”

“Katulad ng ginagawa mo sa akin na nagtuturo?”

“Yes, anak. When you learn great truths like what we’re discussing, you immediately know what to prioritize in your daily actions. For example, instead of studying on how to come up with another more hi-tech software, how about you go out there and be with your friend to teach him the benefits of forgiving his enemy. The enemy, having been forgiven, will be deeply touched as conversion takes place. The results are the same: harmony and peace. But this act of knowledge sharing is so great that it doesn’t only promote lasting harmony and peace but it reverberates from one individual to another until every single human being learns the greatest secret in winning the game. And that is Unconditional Love.”

“Tay, sandali lang jijingle muna ako.”


“Ay putang ina! Sorry po! Na tamaan ko tuloy ang kape mo. Hala! Nabasa ang t-shirt at panatalon mo! I’m really sorry, tay.”

“I forgive you unconditionally no matter what you said and did and no matter you didn’t say and didn’t do. That’s unconditional love.”

“Ang galing mo naman, tay, magsalita para kang makata. But really, I’m so sorry.”

“That’s alright. Let’s take a break for a while. Magpapalit lang ako ng damit.”

“Sige po. I’ll now go to the c.r..


19. The Act of Sharing

“Anak, gusto kong ulitin tong lesson na ito by adding some words and revising a little bit so you wouldn’t forget as this is one of the greatest lessons in history you’ll ever have. It’s up to you if you believe in this. What’s important is I’m simplifying everything. Why do you have to confuse yourself when there’s an easy way to understand something? If you trouble yourself to research more, it doesn’t give you any benefit when what matters most is spiritual evolution. You just have to gain little knowledge. I know it’s been said that little knowledge is dangerous but what’s more dangerous is you get stuck in gaining more knowledge when you don’t anymore move from there to spiritual evolution. God doesn’t want our diplomas, master degrees or phd’s. He only wants us to be like Him.”

“Tay, para yatang natamaan mo ako diyan. Pero hindi ba sinabi ko naman sayo na I like listening to you because I know you’re telling the truth. Besides, it saves me a lot of time. All I have to do is sit here and listen.”

“Pero continue to question me if you have to.”

“In fact, marami pa po akong mga tanong. Yung iba, expressions lang ng aking doubting mind.”

“I see. Going back… From the earliest living matter to the emergence of the first human beings, the mental and spiritual components were already there but just underdeveloped. The spiritual aspect is the final stage where the focus is making our planet Earth a better place to live. Of course, you need the collaboration of your physical and mental parts to help the spiritual part fulfill its function. Like what the man would do when he starts to share his food. He can’t share food if he doesn’t have food in the first place. He can’t get food if he doesn’t have the knowledge of getting it. Nevertheless, humanity needed not to create anything.”

“Ha? Pero sabi mo we should create!”

“Anak, I was able to say, humanity needed not to create anything, in order to get your attention and true understanding. Most humans thought that a person who invented something, like of a cellphone, he’s already hailed as the creator. That’s why I said man needed not to create anything. Of course, people who invented devices and other technologies are worthy to be praised. But then again, they needed not to create anything. What I mean, our work must not to invent another technology. Our mission is to be a creator in the truest sense. So when I advise you not to create anything, it means you don’t create a thing, which is made up of material objects. What you will create is experience like the man doing the act of sharing his food to another man. What’s the experience created thereafter the act of sharing?”


“After successive generosity, what follows?


“When the act is consistent, what’s the ultimate result?”


“Pasado ka na sa bar exam, anak.”

“Hahaha! Akala ko God doesn’t need our diploma!”

“Oo nga noh! Hahaha!”

18. The Last phase of Self-duplication

“Tay, tingnan ko kung nakuha ko ba to. In the physical stage, man’s instinct was to survive and so it was just natural for him to fight. You’re saying when the man realized that it’s better to share than to fight, his mind began to develop and evolve from geed to kindness. And if he actually shares his food with another man, he would feel happy where his spirit evolves which keeps him to continue sharing because it makes his world a better place to live.”

“Mabuti naman, anak, nakuha mo. The feeling of happiness causes man’s spirit to evolve where he fully realizes his true image. And that’s being a Creator just like God. Unless humanity will reach into that level, he will continue to reincarnate in order to be refined and complete the last phase of self-duplication. So to summarize in a different manner, when matter is evolved into a human being having intellect and free will, that was the stage where the physical evolution is completed. From then, what commenced is the mental evolution where man gained knowledge through experiences. In our example a while ago, the knowledge about sharing drives the man to act on it especially when he witnessed the difference between greed and kindness and its effects respectively. It was where the feeling of happiness is born which paves the onset of spiritual evolution. It is when his image of being a creator is actualized. Being a creator and living into this image consistently, more positive energies are born such as harmony and peace.”

“Pero, tay, hindi ko yata nakuha on what’s the last phase of self-duplication?

“Being a creator. The last phase of self-duplication is being a creator. You just have to be consistent being a creator until you die. When man starts to share, he begins to create. What does he create? He creates the feeling of happiness. Happiness is created not made. When I say creation, it comes out of nowhere using no materials. Like pure magic.”


“Aha, it is. Sharing gives birth to a positive energy which is happiness. Then followed by another positive energy which is harmony. Then followed by another positive energy which is peace. Nakita mo ba yung flow?”

“Opo. It’s getting clearer. At least naintindihan ko na on what does to take for man to be a creator kagaya ng Diyos.”

“The last phase of self-duplication is nailed down when there’s consistency of the flow of creation no matter what the circumstances are. When we keep holding into this manner, then we have truly become God’s image and likeness. Not just His image, we become like Him. Not just like Him but a total perfect duplicate of Himself.”

“Ano pa bang masabi ko, tay, at least there’s logic itong fairy tale mo. Hahaha!”

“Anak, hindi pa tayo tapos. Talagang mahaba habang inuman to. But this time, it’s coffee and pandesal. Ay, hindi pala puwede sa akin another round of coffee. One cup a day is enough kasi if I go beyond, tataas na naman ang blood pressure ko.”

“Of course, moderation is the key.”

17. The First Human Beings

“Anak, when God created us, all He had in mind is friendship. And when you’re a friend with each other, there’s happiness and harmony. However, the first human beings deviated and instead, they destroyed themselves with negative energies such as greed, anger, deceit, envy, revenge as fear is the source of them all. Because of those negative energies, they become separated from God.”

“In other words, tay, they were never God’s image and likeness. He must had regretted His first creations.”

“Hindi ba sabi ko sayo that regret is never in his system? It was just a realization that the process of self-duplication wasn’t yet completed. Witnessing the first human beings in the land were fully developed only in the physical aspect. It’s just one of the three components for the other two are mental and spiritual. So after the completion of human physical evolution, God examined closely the mind. There He began to learn that it needed more exposure to different experiences so humanity can see the difference.”

“Bigyan mo nga ako ng example.”

“Sandali lang. Man, by nature, is designed to survive because basically, God’s intention is to complete the process of self-duplication. He started it so He must finish it until the goal is achieved. Eto na ang example… Let’s take the case of a hungry man. He will find a way to eat so he can survive at least for the day. So he will hunt for food. His instinct tells him that what he sees as edible, he will eat. If something blocks his way of doing it, he will struggle or even resort to fighting until he gets the food. Now here comes another human being who has enough supply of food which that man discovers. The act of stealing naturally occurs. Since the other human being has the same instinct, he will also fight to protect his food until one of them dies. The robber learns something. He would somehow say these words to himself, ‘Whew! That was so stressful! What if next time, I’ll just ask and he might give some part of the food he has. No one has to suffer and perish. The same thing can happen to me in the next coming days. Nature may be kind to me that I can find plenty of food. But another human can steal what I’ll have. So if he’s about to steal, I’ll just tell him that if he wants food, I’m ready to share what I have.’ The learning is the act of sharing. In this event, he saw the difference which evolves his mind. Furthermore, when he actually started to share, he realized, this is a better path because he would feel truly happy as he sees the world to be a beautiful place to live without fear and worry.”

16. Did God regret in creating us?

“Gusto ko lang sabihin, tay, na para sa akin, I mean I just wanna tell you my personal thoughts about everything. Of course, I believe in evolution because it’s most widely accepted by scientists but putting God into the picture is still, for me, based on man’s imagination. Eh ikaw nga, you admitted yourself kanina na itong mga sinasabi mo ay may halong imagination.”

“Ano pang gusto mong sabihin?”

“By nature kasi, ang tao are bound to hold on to our beliefs on what has been taught to us since childhood. It’s so hard to deviate on what has been ingrained in our minds by our religion teachers in school and by the priests in the church. Kasi pag binitiwan mo yung paniniwala at hindi ka na naniniwala na mayroong Diyos, baka merong masamang mangyari sa yo. You know, bad karma bah. So because of that fear, we continue to believe in God. Pero tay, sorry ha, I interrupted you but please go on kasi nag enjoy naman ako sa mga fairy tales mo. Parang bed time story bah!”

“Hahaha! You can always express what’s on your mind and interrupt me anytime. Anyway, to continue… After God had seen this matter evolving into a fully developed human being, He detached from it for a while. He intently gazed at it and undeniably, He was so pleased of what He had magically done. But the question is… Was he able to to accomplish His goal which was to create a perfect duplicate of Himself? The answer is no. Remember, after the feeling of boredom, it gave birth to His insatiable desire. However, this desire persisted. When the first human beings were walking over the land, He wasn’t convinced they were truly His image and likeness because in the first place, they didn’t even act like a friend to each other. His first creations went out of quality control. The instinct of survival and self-preservation dominated their intellect and free will. So He continued to be detached from them and examined His blueprint on where He missed. He realized, He transformed something He didn’t expect to happen. He gave them the intellect because He wanted them to be fully aware and understand their being a God in a human form. In that way, they can be well pleased also as He felt when He finished developing them. He gave them the free will so they could choose without fear to be His friend.”

“So parang nag regret ang Diyos after seeing His masterpiece displayed a behavior way out of His image?”

“Well, ang reget ay hindi puwede ma apply sa ating Panginoon. Good thing you mentioned about God’s image. Don’t forget this. God’s image is fundamentally a creator. When you used the word regret, He can’t relate with that. It’s one of the very few feelings which never got into His system. But He understands every feeling a human goes through as He feels them too as we all come from Him. The only difference is He doesn’t live in the feeling. He just let it pass by because it’s not who He is. Being a creator, all that He has is about positive energy.”

15. How did God create the Human Being?

“So balik tayo dito sa boredom, anak… That was the kind of feeling which God experienced being alone as pure energy for so long. What He did after was a breakthrough. For the very first time, He allowed Himself to be duplicated at that time for the reason He wanted a companion, not just any companion, but a perfect one, equally like Him, like a friend.”

“Pero ito pa ay isang Energy which we were once a part of it.”

“Tama. God realized thereafter the self-duplication, boredom immediately vanished. He then saw Himself having streams of rays. They were dancing. He looked closely and observed their blinking radiance. However, He recognized they were not perfect duplicates of Himself. So He made another set of duplicates yet still, the result was the same. He repeated the process, refining His methods yet still, they were all the same. They all seemed to appear like copycats. Another feeling came up. Insatiable Desire. He couldn’t think of any other way until He decided to see these rays take a form, hoping He would satisfy His desire for them to be perfectly identical of Himself. For it to be successful, He prepared Himself to take a form as well in the form of an Air. So together with His dancing rays, they transformed into air, yet the energy is still there within them as their main identity. Then God stared at them but He couldn’t help but noticed they lacked something He couldn’t identify. Until He came up with an idea. Flesh. Flesh but without yet the bones. It was something which can be physically touched.”

“Ang galing mo naman, tay, na mag imbento ng ganyang klaseng istorya! Hahaha!”

“Anak, if you notice, I’m talking about evolution. This is actually the progression of God’s creation pero hinaloan ko lang ng aking imagination so you would somehow see the bird’s-eye view and easily understand right away, without going into lengthy scientific or philosophical details.”

“Ah, ok. Sige po. Continue…”

“But before flesh came into reality, God had to prepare their location because they were then moving into the level of assuming a physical body, called Matter. So the universe naturally followed His creation. Then He had to arrange the harmony and order of all its contents especially the solar system because the planet earth would serve their dwelling place. So evolving from the earliest living matter to cells, sponges, worms, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, primates, monkeys and apes up until the full development of His masterpiece. The Human Being.”

“The Homo Sapiens.”

“Exactly. To quickly summarize the creation story of God and man… From Energy to a stream of Rays then to Matter evolving into a fully developed Human being…

“That’s it? Gunun ka simple?

“That’s it, my son. Of course, hindi ganun ka simple but I don’t have to add more. You may forget the lesson. You may not get the message.”

14. The Story of Creation

“Anak, kung mukhang malalim o mabigat yung mga sinasabi ko, we’re just getting warmed up.”

“Bring it on. Hehehe!”

“So be it! Going back when I said that before the creation of everything, God was all alone as pure energy. He then began to feel something. He got bored.”

“Bored? Hahaha! Saan ka naman makakarining na ang Diyos pala ay nabobored din?”

“Saan pa? Eh sa akin! Anyway, when God was alone for so long as pure Energy, naturally He got bored. Simple as that. So He decided to play and have fun and see what would it be like. From there, He had to create the universe first until planet Earth came into existence where we and the rest of humanity live to play His game. In His eyes, we’re all pleasing as we’re His most special creatures. Like any other artists in the world such as painters, musicians, writers or inventors, they have their own masterpieces which they can proudly claim and declare, ‘This one is my favorite!’ So it’s the same with God. We are His favorites as we’re the only creatures in this vast boundless universe whom He labeled as His Image and Likeness. Look at ourselves. We can converse intelligently unlike the animals. A chicken, pig, cow, fish or any animal can’t do what we do not even the highly trained dog or monkey can match a bit with what we do. Most of all, we have the gift of free will.”

“Here we go again with this free will.”

“We have to bring this up again because free will is what separates us from all other things He created. This is what makes us special. Unlike the rest of His creations, we can either play along this game of life and follow His rules or we can totally disregard His guidance. If we don’t follow His instruction, we already know what will happen eventually which is leading to misery and seemingly endless reincarnations. One more thing, we’re the only creatures who reincarnate.”

“Kung totoo man na itong buhay natin ay parang isang laro na ginawa ng Diyos at tayo nga ay pinaglaroan lang Niya, I must say this kind of game He devised is extremely difficult and no one succeeds the first time. One lifetime isn’t enough to finish and win this.”

“No human had lived one lifetime. Everyone of us took more than a thousand lives before achieving spiritual perfection… Uh! Parang yung mukha mo ay biglang nasira! Hahaha!”

“Kasi, tay, a thousand lives and spiritual perfection are another heavy topics.”

“Alam ko. Let’s put those things aside for a while.”

13. To See is to Believe

“Tay, I hope you won’t be disappointed of me.”

“Bakit naman?”

“Kasi talagang matigas yung ulo ko. Even I’m listening to you but it doesn’t mean I believe in everything you say. But don’t get me wrong. I like that you’re saying all these things to me so my mind will be opened. At least now I have a guide on which road to take. To be completely honest, I’m still in the process of absorbing your lessons. Mahirap paniwalaan. Kasi siguro I didn’t have the experience like you did especially the dream you had. But I guess, kahit na siguro kung magkaroon ako ng ganung klaseng panaginip, I don’t think I believe right away about God, Heaven and all those stuff. I’m a person who wants the real thing. Makakapaniwala lang siguro ako kung makakita ako ng Diyos sa aking mga mata na hindi natutulog. Maski na hindi ko Siya makita, basta marinig ko lang yung boses Niya na kumakausap sa akin, then surely, I would believe in Him or Her kung babae man siya o maski ano pa. Basta I need to have a direct revelation from God. When that happens, whatever He says to me, I will absolutely believe without question.”

“My son, thank you for being honest. Yan ang gusto ko sa iyo. Walang tinatago. You speak your mind and keep it up. This makes our conversation alive and engaging. You’re indeed using fully your intellect and free will.”

“Salamat na man, tay, for understanding. I guess I’m just being realistic. But please continue… I’m all ears. Definitely mas mabuti to na nakikinig ako sayo compared to researching in the internet where there are many confusing and conflicting theories and teachings. I’d rather spend my time on you because I know you’re telling the truth.”

“That’s good to know, anak. Let me continue… Remember I said, when God was all alone as pure energy, He began to feel something?”

“Yeah, I remember. Mukhang bago na naman to. Hehehe!”

“Hahaha! In the ultimate reality, there’s nothing new to what I’m saying. I don’t know if you’ve read something about Carl Jung’s collective unconsciousness.”

“Opo. My teacher in General Psychology mentioned a lot about the Carl Jung because it’s his favorite psychologist.”

“So you must be able to understand when I say life is filled with mysteries which we can’t fully explain. However, I’m most likely to believe that all that we say and write are somehow connected in one way or the other with the rest of humanity, present and past. In our subconsciousness, there lies a storage of vast memory of the books we read and words we heard from others even way back to our previous lives.”

“Ang lalim na man yan, tay.”

“The way I understand it, it just means na itong sinasabi ko has already been taught or written by others in the past since we share the same knowledge rooted from the source of all who is God.”


12. Pure Energy

“Tay, talagang hindi ko to malilimutan na nagkausap tayo ng ganito kahaba since yesterday. I really appreciate your time. I think we never had this kind of conversation before until now. Salamat talaga, tay.”

“Anak, huwag ka munang magpasalamat. We still have a lot of things to talk about unless you have something to do.”

“I have all the time this week.”

“That’s good. So to continue… When God created the first human beings, they didn’t appear as what you normally know of. They were another forms of energy like God, being duplicated. They didn’t have physical forms. They were like vibrations from God.”

“When you said, the first human beings, are we talking in numbers?”

“No. I have to use the word, first, so your mind would be focused on the beginning of time. Besides, we’re discussing about infinite things and there’s no way you can contain what I’m telling you if I describe exactly the first human beings. In truth, the subject about the beginning of time can’t be fathomed by a human mind whose understanding is measured and limited. But for the sake of giving you a glimpse of the great truths such as these, I have to use words which are measurable like first and beginning. Nagkakaintindihan ba tayo?

“Opo, tay. So yung story about the creation of Adam of Eve, hindi pala totoo yun?”

“If you mean that God directly created man and woman like what you see right now, then hindi totoo yan. Adam and Even became Adam and Eve after undergoing a process of evolution. But before the start of evolution, there was energy. So the first human being is a big energy which is a replica of God. We were all part of that.

“So we existed billions of years ago?”

“Could be zillions but to satisfy your intellect, yes. When we will rejoin with God in Heaven, back as pure energy, we will understand everything in absolute manner. By that time, words are no longer used as our existence in Heaven will be about experience.”

“Mukha yata hindi ko pa narining or nabasa itong klaseng teaching.”

“So ngayon alam mo na. Remember this. Before the creation of the first human beings and before the creation of the universe, God was all alone as pure energy. You can then imagine His existence, in solitariness, to be going on, beyond forever. It was then when He began to feel something. Again, just a reminder, do not be fixated about these words because if you take me literally, you would never stop questioning me.”

“Ok po.”

“I’m using limited words of our English language so I can penetrate your mind as you get my message. After all, it’s the message I want to give you. Yes, I give you knowledge, learning and its truths but more than that, it is the message. The message is for you to realize later in our conversation that our destination as a human being is guaranteed to be going back to Heaven as pure energy.”

11. The Most Wonderful Dream

“Pero, tay, I still can’t fully understand why God have to do all these complicated things. If I were God, I would have never created everything and just remain as an energy as the way it was. Kasi parang ginugulo lang tayo ng Diyos. It’s just too much of a hassle with this birth, death at ang walang katapusang reincarnation.”

“Anak, let me share to you the most wonderful dream I had. Matagal na yun pero hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa rin makalimutan… I was arguing with a certain man. We were in high negative emotions. We were fighting until I was taken by this light just like the light you mentioned in your dream. But it was a bit different because it was like a powerful laser beam which hit my chest. Then suddenly I was taken up in the air through the clouds where I felt good. Not just good but it was indescribably beautiful. I thought I was in Heaven. It was a feeling I never felt before. The perfect word to describe it is Bliss or Nirvana. I thought I became one with the source of Energy. It was like I became one with the Creator. I became one with God. I felt like I saw everything. I became God so to speak. Then I was awakened because I was bitten by a mosquito.”

“Was it a literal kind of dream or symbolic?”

“My son, it was a literal dream. I think God gave me an experience of how it is to be in Heaven and how it is be one with God. But when I was bitten by a mosquito, I was back into reality. But the point is, I saw the difference. I would have never described that dream as beautiful, bliss or nirvana if I haven’t been a human before being a total God. After that dream, I began to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. Even I encounter problems, I go on because I’m looking forward for that day when I leave this world and be finally rejoined with Him forever in perfect happiness.”

“So parang nagwiwish ka na mamatay so you can finally go to Heaven?”

“Hindi naman sa ganun. You’re the reason why I go on with my life. Your brother and your mom.. You’re all the reasons why I’m still here, hanging on. I must continue living because I know you need me. Kaya nga nag uusap tayo so I can teach these higher truths in life to you. Pag wala ako, sinong magtuturo sayo? I’m not even sure if you listen to other people but I’m sure you would listen to me as what you’re doing now, all because ako ang tatay mo. Even if you continue to question me or even you won’t believe me at all, I know you wouldn’t forget all these words I say because I’m your full blooded father.”