30. Honest

“Punta na tayo sa sixth pillar. Honest.”

“Sige po.”

“Some of the people have false claims that they were able to receive divine messages directly coming from God when in fact their teachings are just to elevate themselves and their group. Because of their pride, there started the complexity. They had to invent stories that God instructed them about a certain religious rituals or prayers to be followed in order for sins to be forgiven as if God can be bribed. You see, everything is connected. Once you violate one pillar, it will lead you to violate another until you crumble down.”

“Patuloy lang, tay. I’m contemplating on your words. I treasure and keep them all in my heart.”

“Not just keep but be guided and walk on the right path.”

“Alright then.”

“Sa seventh pillar na tayo. Harmonious. Let me ask you a question, anak. Now that you know these higher truths and greatest lessons, what if someday you will experience a divine revelation where God is telling you that He’s choosing you to be His messenger of unity among all religions? What would you do exactly?”

“Impossible na man yata yan.”

“Palagay na lang natin that this is just a highly imaginative example. Just try. Let’s do a role play. I’m God, talking to you. Ok?”

“Sige bah.”

“My son, I tell you. You are the second coming of Jesus Christ and you must carry out your mission to harmonize different religious beliefs. What would you do if I may ask?”

“Well, since I can’t talk to the leaders separately one by one, then I’ll just proclaim that we are all one and explain what it means through the internet. It’s just a matter of time when all will realize, there’s no such thing as one true religion while the rest are false. Through the message of this oneness, everyone will come into an understanding that all beliefs, no matter how diverse they are, are just different roads leading to one same destination.”

“But how can you be sure that you will be successful in making all religions be in harmony with each other?”

“My Lord, I can’t be sure.”

“What will you say to the Muslims and those dogmatic Christian denominations claiming they are the only ones who will go to Heaven? ”

“That’s a very difficult question.”

“Do you think they are in the wrong direction that you should convince them to stop their claims?”

“I guess so. I think I’ll tell them that salvation not only belongs to them but to all of humanity as long as we practice the twelve pillars of unconditional love.”

“Which are?”

“Courageous, enduring, joyful, active, humble, honest, harmonious, kind, patient, merciful, peaceful and pure.”

“Good. But have you ever wondered after all these many years, why those religions maintain their positions, sometimes resulting to bloodshed, no matter how sincere the good intentioned spiritual teachers trying to unite all of humanity?”

“So you think this mission you’re giving me is bound to fail?”

“I’m not talking about success and failure.”

“So what are you trying to drive at, my Lord?”

“Do you remember what Jesus prayed in the Gospel of John?”

“Tell me, my Lord.”

“Chapter 17 verse 20 to 23. It is written, ‘My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one. I in them and you in me so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.’”

“I’m familiar with that.”

“My son, look around at those who believe in Jesus as known from the Bible. They can’t even get their acts together. They have divergent opposing interpretations of his teachings. Do you know how many of these groups?”

“Hhmm… Let me recall. If I’m not mistaken, I think the last time I searched from Google, according to the World Christian Encyclopedia in 2001, it’s estimated at 33,000. The Center for the Study of Global Christianity estimated 43,000 Christian denominations in 2012.”

“That’s what I am saying. The trend in the second millennium, there’s an approximately increase of 35% of new Christian religions after a decade. Do you think you can stop this proliferation with your message of oneness?”

“I don’t know.”

“What about the Muslims? Are they united? Do they also have division like the Christians?”

“Well, what I found out from Wikipedia, they too have divisions. Islam is generally divided to Sunni and Shia. As time went by, sub-sects developed from the two major groups.”

“But they don’t even amount to a hundred.”


“It’s very good you know all these data.”

“Yeah! You know I read a lot of stuff about different religions in the internet.”

“Never stop your pursuit for learning, my son. Anyway, have you observed that the Muslims are far better than the Christians? They are more organized and united.”

“I observe that. But I think changing their beliefs should not be pushed. It’s better to make them realize that peace can only be achieved when we should respect each others’ different faiths without any declaration that a certain religion is correct and others are wrong. If we continue this way, the way we are right now, still arguing and debating, I don’t think we’re contributing to the healing of our planet. It’s been proven throughout history that monopoly of religion can never make us one. I must be aware that if I insist on my message of the twelve pillars, I could be tempted to create another religion. I would be making the problem worse. My mission which you’re assigning me will just become a movement to make us all one.”

“But Jesus did the same. He did not create any religion. It was his followers who did so.”

“I know, my Lord. So what I’ll do is follow Jesus’ footsteps. With these twelve pillars, everything is clear and direct, minimizing if not zeroing misinterpretations. I don’t know if I succeed or not. If I fail, like Jesus, then so be it.”

“My son, I tell you, Jesus did not fail. His mission was simply to disclose the highest truth which would finally free us from the seemingly hellish condition in this world. That truth is oneness in living a life of love. It is the love for me which is best expressed by loving one another even your enemies. That is it. Whether they follow him or not, whether they understand his message correctly or not, it doesn’t matter in the end.”

“Then that’s the main truth I must live by and preach.”

“For your information, my son, salvation is a work of each individual soul. You live the truth. You teach it unconditionally even at the point of your death. Then so be it. What matters, you have realized and consistently lived your true identity to the very end. Then you break the chains of reincarnation. Then you come back here with me in Heaven for good, without end. Case closed. End of the story.”

“But, my Lord, what about when Jesus said to Peter that He will build His church on this rock?”

“I know Matthew 16 verse 18 to 19. Jesus even told Peter that He will give him the keys of Heaven that whatever Peter binds on earth will also be bound in Heaven. I also know Mark 16 verse 15 to 16. During Jesus’ resurrection when He appeared to His disciples, He said to them to go into the world and preach the gospel to all creation. And that whoever believes and is baptized will be saved but whoever does not believe will be condemned. Of course, you can add the famous John 14 verse 6, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’”

“So can you please explain to me what Jesus really meant? Those strong words, I guess, must be the root cause of the conflict between Muslims and Christians. The Muslims are solid in believing that Muhammad is your last prophet and Qu’ran contains your exact words, placing Jesus and the Bible at a lower position.”

“Let me make this straight. Most of the teachings of Jesus were overlooked, thus, resulting to misinterpretation. If you read again all his statements, never did he use the word only. Therefore, his church is not the only church nor his way, truth or life. Anyone can create a church if it’s necessary to gather people together in discussing and clarifying spiritual matters. And there should be someone in charge like Jesus commissioning Peter, to create rules for the order of every gathering.”

“I never thought about this.”

“Although Jesus introduced a radical truth in loving me, going beyond any man made laws such as rituals or liturgies, Jesus did not discount the possibility that there could be someone after him who may discover another new way to spiritually evolve oneself in the highest form and in the fastest way. So he was open to witness another life of a human being who could become greater than him. It was the reason when he said something marvelous in John 14 verse 12 to 14, ‘Very truly, I tell you. Whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing and they will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.’”

“It’s one of the deeply moving words of Jesus.”

“Indeed. So whatever you want, including the greatest knowledge which is not discovered by anyone yet, will be given.”

“But what about when Jesus used the word except when He said that no one comes to the Father except through Him?”

“Let us get the best definition of except from your dictionary authority, Merriam Webster. Except means as used to introduce a statement that explains the reason why something is not possible, will not happen, etc.”


“So when Jesus said, ‘No one comes to the Father except through me,’ it means that if you want to go to Heaven after this life of yours, just follow his teachings. He observed that the teachings of the Pharisees and Sadducees were not providing people the fastest path to Heaven. When I say fastest, it means, cutting the drama of waiting for a savior as based on the Jewish traditional expectation. It also means, breaking free from reincarnating again to this seemingly hellish condition living in this world. But it does not imply, there will never be any possibility of a greater way other than him for He said afterwards on the same chapter that we can do greater things.”

“Go on, my Lord. I can’t get enough!”

“However, Jesus had to use the word except because so far, none has exceeded His spiritual knowledge in His lifetime. But take a closer look, my son… Except has no description of never. Never is defined as not ever or not at any time. If Jesus could have added the words, for now, so it would read as, ‘For now, no one comes to the Father except through me,’ then it would have lessened if not eliminating the conflict between Christians and other religions.”

“This is really a brand new viewpoint!”

“My son, understand Jesus when he did not use the phrase, for now, for it would lose His authority in persuading people to follow him right there and then. Don’t forget, before he was born in Bethlehem named as Jesus, he already achieved spiritual perfection in his previous life. He saw what it was like to be reunited with me. Pure bliss. It was the reason, he was so passionate in his teachings that how he wanted all people who heard him at that time would leave everything and follow him.”

“Another new knowledge there I learned from you, my Lord! That’s why he told his disciple, ‘follow me and let the dead bury their own dead.’”

“Yes, indeed. It’s in Matthew 8 verse 22. Although, you do not want to interpret it literally. In verse 20 of the same Gospel, He implied that he has no place to lay his head, which means, he had to get busy all the time in proclaiming the good news of salvation.”

“I’m overwhelmed by your explanations! These had never crossed my mind before.”

“Now, you tell me. Put yourself in the sandals in one of the disciples during the time of Jesus. What would you do after hearing all his authoritative words? Do you take his teachings seriously that you would also be galvanized?”

“I don’t know, my Lord. A lot of things are circulating in my mind right now about him.”

“Imagine you are with him all the time from his public ministry to resurrection, you would naturally be excited to tell the world about this one of a kind human being. Like his disciples, you would go out there so passionate about his teachings and even to the point of creating a new religion, convincing the multitudes to join you in your crusade. Although Jesus didn’t write anything, you would try your best to remember all he said.”

“I guess so.”

“Remember, there was no gadget during his time. No audio recorder nor video. So you would write based on your memory but surely dominated by your emotions. Two things can happen. It’s either you write down his teachings in an exaggerated way or you write, omitting some of his words. Both cases lead to danger because the interpretation of your readers could make Jesus as superior and special that no one can give us salvation at any time except through him. Do you get my point?”

“I do! I now understand better why his disciples and the early Christians acted those ways to the point of laying down their lives.”

“There’s no point of laying down your life in attack or defense of your faith. By that act won’t bring you back here with me in heaven. You’re a Catholic by birth. Right?”

“Right, my Lord.”

“For example, if others are defaming your Catholic faith, you just listen. You don’t have to defend nor strike back. Smile and sincerely say, Peace.”

“That’s it?”

“That is it. If all of you start doing this simple gesture, you have taken the first step in solving one of the oldest root causes of human sufferings. Whether you are a Hindu, Buddhist, Jew, Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Agnostic or Atheist… If you all stop talking about the doctrines of each of your faith and just say peace and see what act of kindness and compassion you can do! Then you know what will happen.”
“What, my Lord?”

“You go back to Heaven.”

“Of course! But I’m still not done with Jesus. Like some people, the Jesus mystery continues to shroud human minds whose intelligence and reasoning can’t be fully satisfied.”

“Just take it easy, my son. For some, it will take them to finish a four year college course about the Bible to thoroughly understand him while some, it’s a never ending quest to continually investigate his life, works and teachings. For you, it can take a moment in this conversation. If you’re a skeptic scientist, then it will be a fruitless pursuit. You will miss the life changing wisdom of Jesus. If you are a truth seeker but filled with a hidden envy, then you will be lost in the wilderness of countless books.”

“Excellent reflection you have there, my Lord!”

“Anak, mukhang napagod yung bibig ko sa mga sinasabi ko. Pahinga muna ako ha?”

“Sige po. Sa susunod na naman, Tay.”


29. Active, Humble, Pure

“Anak, balik tayo sa twelve pillars. We’re in Active, the fourth one. Before I proceed, I don’t want you to be lost here. Follow everything what you know is the truth. I’ve shown you some of it. Be guided on what’s good for the body, mind, especially on the spiritual part. If you can combine the three with the spirit as the captain of the ship, how powerful you can be! Then you’ll surely become perfect just like Jesus and other spiritual masters who walked in your planet. Alright?”

“Sige po, tay.”

“Active, the fourth pillar. For example, you’re playing computer games in the house but all of a sudden, there’s a commotion outside. You open the window and see a man lying on the street with his blood coming out from his head because he was gunned down by someone. What would you do?”

“Siyempre! I stop on what I’m doing and immediately go out there and see what I can do. I’ll carry the man and put him in the car so I can bring him to the nearest hospital. If I have enough money, I’ll be the one to shoulder the expenses.”

“Ang galing naman! You have identified right away the higher act.”

“Sana I can do it without delay when an incident like that is presented before my eyes.”

“Sana nga, anak… Let’s go to Humble, the fifth pillar. Let’s have Pure as well. Their opposites are pride and lust respectively. These were the downfalls of some religious leaders in our world. Some of them were consistent vegetarians. They had no trace of nicotine and alcohol in their bodies. They carried an enormous positive thinking as expressed in their charismatic words. But why did they die of sickness? Because their immune system was weakened by the negative force of pride. They acted like they were above anyone else.”

“Tay, I needed to hear these words coming from you so I wouldn’t live a life of illusion when the time comes when I’m ready to practice what you’re teaching me.”

“The application of the truths I’ve been discussing is the mission of each and everyone of us. Your life will become an illusion when you think literally that you’re the only one chosen for this mission and no one else. Always bear this in your mind.”

“Opo, tay.”

“Let’s go to the other downfall which is lust. I just want to tell you that lust is a strong dominating negative force which can eventually knock down your immune system. Indulging in sexual activities with different persons will make your body impure. But don’t get me wrong. Sex is God’s gift for all of us which is meant to be used with one’s spouse for the enjoyment of both. Sexual intercourse in any manner is the couple’s freedom. It’s God’s gift for all of us so in this way, it’s not too bad to live in our world while waiting to be reunited with Him in Heaven.”

“Muhkang maganda yung view mo sa sex. Hahaha!”

“Pero yan ang katotohanan. But be freed from your lust. What I mean is be freed with your overindulgence with it. For example, when the husband is no longer satisfied with his wife so he wants to have sex with another woman… My intuition tells me that I must had enough of sexual lust in my previous lifetimes. It didn’t serve me. Now I need enormous extraordinary energy if I serve others. Being pure in thoughts, words and actions will not only give me physical energy, I’ll also acquire universal wisdom and spiritual powers. Being pure makes me truly one with all of living creatures in this universe… Alam mo, anak, I really feel that my soul is so old and very much tired. God is somehow giving me rest with this truth I’m sharing with you. I must sacrifice my lust so I can claim perfect rest when I die. When that happens, God will look at my soul as pure. Then I will finally enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

“Tay, parang I’m getting to know you more and more as we go on with this conversation”

“Karamihan sa atin are old souls. Every time you feel like you’re so exhausted from the struggles of life, it’s an indication you had lived before many times. The solution is straightforward: Suffer. On my end, I must suffer as I deny my carnal desires. After denying successively, I shift to choosing what only serves me for that will be the key in freeing my soul from the bonds of seemingly endless reincarnations.”

“Kung  sasummarize mo itong lahat, what would it take for one to be denied entry in Heaven?”

“Just do the opposite of the twelve pillars and you will reincarnate again and again. Have fear, avoidance, gluttony, laziness, pride, deceit, envy, greed, anger, revenge, violence and lust. Even if one of them is still present within you, when you die, you can’t enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

28. Courageous, Enduring, Joyful

“Tay, parang sinabi mo na rin na we’re powerful because we’re like God.”

“Yes, we are but not the kind of power you’re wishing.”

“So ano po yun?”

“Healing instantly the sick, raising the dead back to life, defying the laws of nature like walking over the sea and so on and so forth… Those not are the kind of powers that we have.”

“Pero si Jesus nagawa niya yun as written in the Bible and some yogis in India as written in the book, Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yoganda.”

“Alam ko, anak. Those amazing powers are just secondary to these greatest powers you should practice which will make you spiritually perfect.”

“Like what?”

“Courageous, Enduring, Joyful, Active, Humble, Honest, Harmonious, Kind, Patient, Merciful, Peaceful and Pure. Those are the twelve pillars of the spirit which constitute Unconditional Love. Your spirit is on the process of building the pillars to perfection.”

“Paki explain naman, tay.”

“Be Courageous, the first pillar. Don’t be afraid to do things which you know is a higher act.”

“Such as what kind of higher act?”

“Look at what Jesus did. He still drank wine, knowing it contains alcohol. He ate without washing his hands. The higher act there was being in camaraderie with his disciples. He had to, so he could get their buy in when he commanded them to preach the Gospel to all nations.”

“Ah, ok.”

“Another thing, when he healed the paralyzed man during Sabbath. Although he knew that Sabbath is a day of rest which was followed by the Jews as a law to be not doing even works of mercy. The higher act there was going beyond any human law even to the point of violating it when he chose to help another person in dire need. But then again, you don’t have to be like Jesus, the healer, in order to help. There are a lot of ways.”

“What about Enduring, the second pillar?”

“Tingnan mo yung traffic policemen in our streets? Do you think they use sunscreen lotion in order to be protected from skin cancer? Of course not. They rather use the money to buy food for their children. Do they get skin cancer? It depends on their spirit of endurance. When they endure the heat of the sun in order to do their job properly, without even thinking what are those ultraviolet radiation emitting from the glaring rays of the sun… I tell you, they don’t get the skin cancer. What causes cancer is your worry which is worsened by knowing too much about it and frantically believing its scientific findings.”

“Pero exposure to the sun can really cause skin cancer!”

“I know, my son. But you’re not trusting the power of your spirit. I said that the spirit is the main driving force which the mind and body follow. When your spirit believes that you can’t be harmed by anything with the collaboration of the understanding of your mind, I guarantee you, your body will just be fine. But if you expose yourself everyday at 12 noon for two hours during summertime just to test this truth but at the back of your mind, you know this is a dangerous act, then you are stupid. The traffic policeman has a noble reason why he had to be exposed. Nobility is what makes endurance so powerful that it can defy the laws of nature.”

“Hhmm… Something to think about. Anyway, let’s go to Joyful, the third pillar.”

“Observe the middle class families like us. Most of the parents are employed while their children are at school. Some own their houses and some are renting. On a monthly basis, our income are just enough to pay the bills like electric, water, telephone, internet, tuition and other monthly fees. Of course, there are the groceries and other unforeseen expenses like clothes and other material needs in the house. Some say, our expenses are way higher than what we earn. So sometimes, we borrow money in whatever way we can find. With this kind of situation being experienced by an average family in our country, do you think we can afford to buy food without chemicals and preservatives? No. That’s the last thing which comes to our minds. Do you think we would always choose fish, fruits and vegetables over pork, beef or chicken? No. Not because we’re not informed about its health benefits but simply because the latter are more affordable.”

“Hhmm… Another something to think about.”

“Sometimes, you see families eating pork barbecue, lechon, roasted chicken, drinking soft drink while dad and mom drink beer. They may be at the mall, beach, at the public park or having party in the house or attending a fiesta. Most of the parents just don’t tell their kids that their salary are all about to be spent when it’s just barely one week after the payday. There are mothers who would go as far as borrowing large amount of money just to spend it for the birthday parties of their kids, graduation celebrations or whatever special event there may be. Now, let me ask you, anak. What do you observe from these families? Are they having fun or what?”

“Oo naman. I think maligaya nama sila. Tay, I know what you’re getting at. This kind of family is all about being joyful in spite of the external forces which surround them as part of reality. Because of the bond with their close family ties, that’s what matters. What’s the use of so much discipline of the physical aspect of our lives when it may alienate us from the moments of life’s joys?”

“You see the higher truth, my son. Go on.”

“And I can compare to what’s going on with other families who are wealthy. They may have all the money. They could afford what kind of food they wanna eat. But most of them live separately, emotionally. Kids are busy with their schools. Some study abroad. Some are busy with their friends or with their computers or gadgets. The father is occupied with his business or with his mistress. Mother later finds out, bringing her misery.”

“Hahaha! You’re well aware, anak, on what’s going on in this world. The kind of family you mentioned represents the upper class where cancer is developed due to disconnection leading to emptiness then to death. Joy is lost in that family. Now the questions is, ‘What really makes us happy?’ I ask this question for a lot of times. I thought I’m here in this world for a grand spiritual mission. I sometimes have this illusion with a plan to rescue people from calamities by my so called divine preaching of conversion. I want to proclaim the message of unity to the public so all will be led to the path of oneness. Although I know what I envision is truly praiseworthy which is a higher act. But the problem I forget the basic act. So I ask myself. Have I already done it? When I do, then I can proceed to the higher act.”

“The basic act is to care first for your own family?”

“Tama, anak. I know you already knew this. All of us already knew this simple guideline. It’s in the conscience of every human being from the day of birth. Before you start to think of philanthropic deeds, you must see yourself before anything else. Are you applying daily proper hygiene? Are you living a balanced life with the way you eat, study, play, rest and sleep? Are you doing things in moderation? When you’re on the right track on the primary duties of life, then broaden a little bit your vision to the person besides you. Who are these? Your wife, your sons, your parents, your siblings and even your house helper.”

Tay, single pa po ako. Hehehe!”

“Hahaha! That’s just to illustrate my point. Going back… Tanungin mo yung sarili mo. Have you ever assisted your dad every time he’s cleaning the house? Have you asked him how was his work at the office?”

“Tay, pinapakonsyensya mo nanam ako.”

“Hindi naman…. Your mom. Have you ever lent your hand every time she cooks food for us? Or have you ever insisted for once that we wouldn’t eat if all if us are not complete at the table?

“Mukhang hindi ko pa yan nasabi, tay.

27. A Three-part Human Being

“Anak, let’s talk about health naman.”

“Sige po kasi may tanong ako. Kanina pa to sa isipan ko. Is it true that avoiding the consumption of animals contribute to the strengthening of our immune system, leading to good health and long life? Yung mga, vegetarians bah.”

“That question can be answered with the guidance of this universal truth.”

“Ano po yun?”

“That you are a three-part human being. You are physical, mental and spiritual. You are the body, mind and spirit. You are three in one. The three are interconnected with each other. Ibig sabihin, one can’t function well if the other two are not functioning well. The two can’t function well if the other one is not functioning well. So no matter how physically healthy you are, your immune system will still be adversely affected if your mind is filled with fear, anger or worry, which is worse than eating animals, drinking alcohol or smoking cigarette. There are people who enjoy eating any food they like but they live more than eighty years old. They seem to be happy. You can obviously see in their faces.”

“So walang value ang pagiging vegetarian?”

“Meron naman but here’s the problem. Some of them if not most, are so stringent on their diet. They’re cautious, making sure what they eat are all organic.”

“Pero most of our foods are chemically processed so they go organic, trying to avoid cancer.”

“May point ka. But that’s not the whole story. There are also some of them who live, carefully trying to avoid the heat of the sun. They wear sunscreen if they have to go outside during the day. As much as possible, they’re far away from the pollution of the city. So they’re mostly in their air-conditioned four walled structures. For all you know, they become paranoid to the detrimental of their total well being. Thus, they can’t enjoy life anymore. They just can’t trust anymore, not realizing that their spiritual being is the most powerful agent which makes the body and mind follow. Nakuha mo ba yung message dito?”

“Sabihin mo na sa akin, tay?”

“My son, eat and drink right based on what you know. You can be an organic vegetarian if you choose to but it’s not everything to make you truly healthy. Mentally, take it easy. Ibig sabihin, don’t be paranoid as if everything which surrounds you is dangerous. Most of all, trust the power of your spirit. What matters is deep inside your heart and soul, you are at peace and happy. If this is the case, I tell you, you’ll just be fine. Walang mangyayaring masama sayo.”

“Tay, this kind of lesson is very liberating.”

“Mabuti naman, anak. Your spirit is the center of your being. It’s the main driving force of your being which the mind and body follow. God created you in His image and likeness. Your spirit is His image and likeness. So you are God. We are all God.”

26. Dreams and Will Power

“Tay, it seems na simple lang yung sinabi mo. You know, unconditional love by helping others, caring and forgiving… Those are universally known but undeniably, it’s easier said than done. But I’m sure there’s more to that. Ibig kong sabihin, there must be some details or shall we say smaller truths which I must learn slowly and progressively. But the question, how am I gonna know those kind of truths?”

“Anak, in the process, you’ll gradually know the truth because I’ve always been your silent guide. But I don’t want to lay all the truths outright at once. You have to discover them one by one and live it so you, yourself, can say that it’s really the truth because it truly serves you well. When those writers felt a mysterious divine presence, it was the time that they actualized the highest version of themselves which is called Superconsciousness which is also God. With that highest state, you know the most essential truths and at the same time, empowered to live based upon it. They reached that level because for so many previous lives, they knew the truth and lived it. They were like resuming what was cut off in their previous lives.”

“Ano po yung na cut off?”

“Siguro in one of their previous lives, they committed the same mistake. What could be their mistake, if I may ask you, my son?”

“They were tempted with the adulation of the world?”

“Tama. Buti naalaala mo. Their spiritual activities like teaching or healing became conditional. In their minds, they were motivated to do those things because of the admiration they got. They were like feeding their egos to the point of getting exalted and even bloated. So they must make sure they wouldn’t fall into this same mistake again in their present lifetimes.”

“Pero hindi naman nila maalaala yung mga previous lives nila. Di ba?”

“There’s no need to remember their past lives. Hindi na kailangan. They just have to know this greatest lesson which I’m sure they know. They just have to live it without exalting themselves.”

Tay, may nabasa rin ako that there are people who said they dreamed about God and there they received Divine messages. Possible at totoo ba yan?

“Dreaming is a special form of communication where a Divine Being can talk to you with or without having previous information during the conversation. But be vigilant with your dreams when you recall them upon waking up. There are only two kinds.”

“Ano po yun?”

“First, a divine dream. Having a dream like that is unmistakable. This happens in order to summon a need for a soul who is confused and thirsty of the real truth. The feeling is grand, strong and high. The experience can’t be forgotten when you wake up.”

“At yung isa?”

“Yun yung mga repressed desires, wishful thinking, hidden agenda, unresolved issues with reality, unrealistic hopes, wanted projections towards self… So the second set of dreams encompasses anything which is outside of the divine. Some are meaningless but some are worthy to be scrutinized in order to understand yourself better. However, don’t get stuck with this type of dream because what’s important is your waking consciousness where you have the ability to make things happen with your will power.”

“This is really a good information, tay. Eto, I should say na parang hindi ko pa to nabasa or narinig sa ibang tao.”

25. Conversations with God

“Anak, what I’m trying to point out to you is simply love your neighbors unconditionally. Who are the neighbors? Those whom we encounter face to face on a daily basis. It could be a spouse, parent, kid, sibling, friend, a stranger or anyone whom we have an interaction. If the interaction presents an opportunity for you to care, help or forgive, then do it consistently and willingly with all your heart without expecting in return, no matter who the person is, in relation to his or her nationality, culture, religion or belief. I tell you, it’s your sure ticket to Heaven… I’ve just told you the greatest lesson in achieving true happiness on Earth which will ultimately lead you in going back there with God in Heaven where there’s perfect and eternal joy.”

“Talagang greatest lesson?”

“Yes, my son, in the line of the highest truth. Simply said in one paragraph but not easy to apply. It will take thousands of lifetimes for you to reach that level, if you don’t have a kind of teacher which I’ve mentioned to you a while ago.”

“Puwede ba ikaw na yung teacher ko, tay, at wala ng iba?”

“Oo naman. Of course, if you let me.. If you allow me to continually teach you and if you someday apply all these lessons… But remember the greatest lesson. It summarizes everything. There are many ways on how you can express unconditional love as there are many ways as well on how you can successfully do it. But basically all boils down to Love. Apart from it, there’s nothing more to learn, nor book to read, nor any mission to carry. Literally, all of us here in this world have the same mission.”

“Tay, puwede bang malaman na yung mga mystical encounters mo? Na iintriga talaga ako diyan.”

“Hindi ba sabi ko na when the right time comes, I’ll tell you?”

“Sige po. Pero I have a little idea of what it is. If you don’t wanna tell me now, I need to ask about those people who claimed they experienced a direct revelation from God. You know, those who experienced an apparition of a Divine Being where God said something to them or those people who claimed they spoke with God in waking consciousness which they put His words down into writing… You know, like Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God… ”

“Talagang meron ka ngang idea. Let me tell you this. God knows every detail of those things as He knows every thought, word, action which every person undertakes in our planet. All of the messages contained in any book are correct if they are in the line of the greatest lesson, Unconditional Love. Every book which contains the greatest lesson in one way or the other, teaches the truth. Because of that premise, God spoke to those writers in their subconscious minds. Every person who speaks that truth whether it’s written on paper or not, God is speaking through that person. Since God and human beings are one, then it’s just right that humans must speak the truth in behalf of God.”

“Hhhmmm… You make me think critically, tay.”

“Buti naman. Subconsciousness is where we draw all the learnings we got from our previous lives, from the books we read, from the movies we watched, from the conversations we had with different people, from the teachings we heard from others, from the dreams we had and the list goes on and on… So when our minds are able to dissect the finest truths from all those innumerable factors, then we’re like talking to ourselves and confirming it to ourselves as well. In the conversations that God had with those writers, that what just happened. They were able to access the storage of their subconsciousness, talked it out and confirmed it with themselves. But then again, here’s the larger picture. When we know the truth, then we know God. Since God and human are one, then it’s right to say that those writers were both talking to themselves and to God as He was talking to them.”

24. Love your Enemy

“Anak, let’s go to one of the most valuable lessons I learned from the Bible.”

“Sige, tay. Sa totoo lang, I used to bring the Bible with me every where I go kasi sabi nila suwerte daw. Hehehe! Pero it’s not true after all. I believe there’s no such thing as luck. Meron siguro pero pure chance lang siguro. What I believe is really hard work which would get you anywhere you wanna go.”

“Tama yan, anak. Tama yan. You’re really a realist. Well, keep it up but I want you to see the other side that there’s so much more on what we see, hear and smell. There’s what we think and feel. Katulad na lang ng unconditional love. We don’t actually see it but we feel it. In fact, this is our ticket to heaven.”

“Isa pa yang heaven. Hindi naman natin makikita yan!”

“For now, I agree with you. But when we die, our spirit goes there. And there we’ll see everything in absolute manner. God would then ask us if we’re ready to rejoin Him. If the answer is yes, then we come back there forever in perfect happiness. If the answer is no, then we reincarnate and learn the lesson again which is the lesson of consistent unconditional love. But there’s something which we should be guided.”

“Ano po yun?”

“Exalting oneself is usually the pitfall of the so called unconditional lovers in this world.”

“Hhmm… Parang familiar yata yang sinabi mo. Pero go ahead, tay. Tell me more.”

“Let’s have Jesus in our discussion. The vision of Jesus was clear which was to be like God. To be like God is to spiritually evolve ourselves in the highest level and then help others achieve what we have achieved without expecting in return, not even admiration.”

“Hindi katulad sa mga ibang religious leaders diyan na ang hanap na man ay para sumikat.”

“Sinabi mo pa! So many of those leaders are tempted with the adulation of the world. They focus more on displaying their spiritual abilities instead of teaching. They enjoy the good feeling of being given special recognition due to their claimed powers like healing for example. Healing is part of the educational process in order to make us realize the power of the mind. What the mind strongly believes, the body will follow. However, that’s not the end of it. They forget to teach the same principle in the acts of forgiveness and compassion. There are others who say that forgiving unconditionally is very hard. Let’s say a man who witness his fiancée brutally murdered in front of him. Do you think he can stop himself from taking the act of revenge?”

“Eh sino ba naman na hindi mapipilitang maghigante?”

“Talagang mahirap na hindi maghigante. That’s if you’re not taught that the mind can also be trained to forgive unconditionally. Again, what the mind thinks and believes, the body will follow. If you know that loving unconditionally through the deed of forgiveness is your ticket to Heaven, then you wouldn’t resort to the act of revenge. Instead, the best thing you can do is to pray for the murderer to be enlightened and change his ways. And if you know that the police has imprisoned the murderer, you go there and show your unconditional forgiveness by releasing him from his cell.”

“Ang hirap na man yan, tay.”

“Talagang mahirap. However, that certain attitude can be learned if you’re a highly and spiritually evolved person which is only possible if someone has taught and helped you achieve that level. This could have been the focus of the works of those religious leaders.”

“Kaya pala tinuro ni Jesus, ‘You have heard that it was said, Love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.’

“Good job, anak! Na memorize mo yata yang passage sa gospel of Matthew. Good job!”

“Tay, talagang ma mememorize ko yan kasi every Holy Week yata pinapanood mo yung The Passion of the Christ.”

“Oo nga nuh!”

23. The Most Influential People

“Alam mo, tay, you never fail to amaze me with your words. Siguro yun ang palagi kong tatandaan, yung mga sinabi mo… Having said that, there’s someone who said, hindi ko lang matandaan ko sino. Basta sabi niya na, the most most powerful persons in this world are the writers or authors, whatever they’re called. Basta sila yung mga taong na may pinakamalaking influence to the way we think and do things. Kasi ikaw nga, with our conversations, slowly you’re influencing with the way I see things now and it’s just a matter of time, I apply those things in my day to day life.”

“Anak, I agree with you. Sino bang tao na hindi natin makakalimutan even we never saw him, even we never heard him speak, even he existed more than two thousand years ago?”

“Si Jesus Christ po.”

“Although he didn’t write anything but because of his disciples who wrote down what he said, his words remain to be very influential to an estimated 2.4 billion Christians. Ganun din sa mga Muslims. Muhammad’s words, written by his followers, continue to influence the growing adherents of Islam of an estimated 1.8 billion. And I guess, this is my greatest gift for you, my son. My words… Although these words are also the things I’ve learned from the books I read, from the people I’ve heard and from the experiences I gained including mystical encounters.”

“Hah? Ano po yung mystical encounters? Can you tell me what they are?”

“It’s a long story, anak. Someday, in the right order of time. I’ll tell you.”

“Bakit hindi puwede ngayon?”

“According to the Bible, which is considered to be the best selling of book of all time… You can read this in Ecclesiastes. It says, there’s a time for everything. With our conversations, there’s a time to disclose what I know like what I’m doing right now with you since yesterday. But there’s also a time which I’d rather keep in silence these mystical encounters to myself. But time will come I’ll speak about it to you.”

“Ok po tay. Teka! Pero di ba sabi mo kahapon na ang Bible was written by playful creative imaginative people. Why it seems you’re influenced by the words of the Bible?”

“In the book of Genesis, there are lot of stories there which are myths. Hindi ba sinabi ko rin sayo na science had long disproved the claim of authors on the creation story?”


“But it doesn’t mean there’s no truth in the Bible. In fact, there are a lot of timeless and universal lessons you can learn from that book. Sa totoo lang, the Gospels have the most influence on me.”

22. I’m proud of you

“So sana, anak, when you decide to marry your girlfriend, I hope you feel God’s presence when you experience unconditional love from her.”

“Sana nga, tay. Pero ang problema, I think she’ll work abroad when she graduates. Hindi naman puwede susunod ako sa kanya. I believe I should stay here in our country because this is where I was born and I must help our fellow Filipino in whatever way I can.”

“That’s very good to know, my son. That’s very good. That’s why I feel you have something great in you, a potential waiting to be unleashed.”

“Grabe na man yan, tay. A potential waiting to be unleashed. Hahaha! Pero I like that.”

“Again, hindi ako nagbibiro. I can see clearly that you’ll achieve so many great things in your life. You’re a good, talented and skilled man as well as your brother. Just keep developing and sharpening what you have. Even when you were just small, I told your mom you’re different. You’ll see. You’ll know when the right time comes and you’ll look back into this day when we’re conversing and you’ll say I was really right.”

“Sige nga, tay. Paki ulit yung sinabi mo. I’ll record your words through my cellphone. Hehehe!”

“Ok, here we go… My son, I feel you have something great in you, a potential waiting to be unleashed. I can see clearly that you’ll achieve so many great things in your life. You’re a good, talented and skilled man as well as your brother. Just keep developing and sharpening what you have. Even when you were just small, I told your mom you’re different. You’ll see. You’ll know when the right time comes and you’ll look back into this day when we’re conversing and you’ll say I was right… Ok na ba yan?”

“Ok na ok, tay! Thanks, ha! Talagang na ulit mo yata word by word yung sinabi mo. Galing! Already saved in my audio files. I’ll listen to it especially when I’m down so to remind and inspire me of what I’m capable of doing. Salamat talaga, tay.”

“I thank you more, anak.”

“Bakit naman?”

“Because every time I look at you, you put me up. I know I have so many failures in my life. I got nothing to show to you that you can be proud of me. But looking closely at you and your brother on what you do both so good, I’m just so proud of you. Please tell this to your brother later that I’m proud of him as well.”

“Ok po.”

“And I realize with my age about to be fifty, there’s nothing anymore in me that I should prove something. What I mean, raising you both to be refined and respectful boys, I think, yun na ang pinakamaganda kong nagawa dito sa mundo. When you become fully successful on what you do which I know you will, bonus na lang yun para sa akin.”

21. The Biggest Fan

“Tay, mukhang ngayon ko lang nakita yang t-shirt na sinuot mo ah!”

“Siyempre, anak! I’m a big fan of Manny Pacquiao. Nung tinalo niya si Matthysse last Sunday, napahanga niya ako muli. He still got the knock out power punch at 39 years old.”

“Oo nga nuh! Pero parang mismatch yata yun kasi takot naman si Matthyse. He wasn’t like Jeff Horn who was in full battle against Pacquiao last year.

“Whatever is said and done, what matters Manny symbolizes a good example of a man who has a great spirit to get back on his feet and win again. Pero I’m more of a big fan of his wife, Jinkee.”

“Uh! Bakit naman? Hindi ba mas maganda at mas sexy pa yata si Inay kaysa kanya?”

“Hahaha! Oo naman. What I’m trying to say is this. Remember, Manny was caught several times having extra-marital affairs yet Jinkee never failed to forgive him. In that way, she knew how to win this big game of life which God devised. She knew that if she keeps on forgiving not only Manny but as well others, it’s her ticket to Heaven when she will die. Then she rejoins with God back as pure energy. When that time comes, she becomes God’s perfect duplicate. Only then will God be able to declare saying, “I have finally achieved my goal for you, Jinkee. Come and be finally reunited with me in eternal joy.”

“Pano naman hihiwalay si Jinkee kay Manny? Eh, sobrang yaman na nila dahil sa pag boboxing ni Manny! Even if she catches him again with another woman, it would be easy to forgive him. You know what I mean, tay?”

“I know what you mean. But someone told me that even when Manny wasn’t yet rich and famous many years ago, he already committed adultery yet Jinkee had long proven that her love and forgiveness for him never change through the test of time.”

“Hindi ba ganun naman din si Inay sa yo?”

“My son, I’m supposed to say that I’m the biggest fan of your mother.”

“Hehehe! I knew you would say that.”

“No kidding! Even before we got married, I had sinned against her but she keeps on forgiving me unconditionally even up until now. Before, I used to question God’s existence every time I was down. But looking at her on how she truly loves me consistently, I see God in her. I realize that all the while God is just besides me. He’s always been in front of me. In fact, I feel His loving touch through your mom.”