Don’t Let Your Past Imprison You

I see a person who is filled with insecurities and madness in her life. Probably because she felt like she’s the only one who wasn’t able to finish college among her siblings. She’s also the only one who fell into the vice of using illegal drugs before. There are many things she did but I think one of the most terrible things she did was violently hurting her own husband, daughter and her younger sister.

I don’t exactly know what’s going on in her mind. I thought she’s transformed when she became a pastor in her church but nothing changed. She’s still a fault finder while she continues to do bad things against others. She has no credibility being a preacher of God’s word. She doesn’t live what she preaches. I don’t know if the people in her church know who she really is and what she had done and keeps doing. How does she manage to have the guts to speak in the name of God while there are many people she caused pain? I’m not sure if she’s still their pastor in the present. If I find out she’s been replaced or stripped off from her function, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. If that happens, I would feel relieved.

I’m just praying she will awaken, be enlightened and guided into the right path. Even with her greed and clever evil ways, I still wish she’ll be transformed someday, in the right order of time. After all, she’s still my sister.

There’s sadness and hatred both to herself and others. I pity her. Her dark past is like imprisoning her.

Don’t let your past hold you back in your pursuit of happiness. If you do, you’ll be miserable all toughout your life.


Stay Away from Negative People

Energy is all around us. We don’t see it but we feel it as it has an effect on us. There are just two forms of energy. One is positive and the other one is negative.

One time, when I was near with a person who had done bad things against me and my family, I really felt the negative energy she was emitting. Not considering what she did, she really is a person of negativity. She’s known to have encountered troubles because of her terrible attitude. She easily finds faults of other people while she refuses to see her own mistakes. I think she’s a sadist because she seems to “enjoy” watching others suffer. Well, there are people who are like that in this world wherever you go. Even during the time of Jesus Christ, there were the Pharisees and Sadducees. They were the classic hypocrites who love to preach in the name of God yet they didn’t even have compassion to their fellow men.

Desiderata, a famous piece of writing, mentioned to stay away from those kind of people for they are vexation to the spirit. For me, not only they’re vexation, they are major blocks of happiness. They cause misery. But since, she’s always there, what I do is just ignore her as if she doesn’t exist.

I guess that’s what you do as well. If you can’t stay away from negative people, try to treat them as if they’re not around.

Don’t get absorbed too much with your feelings.

I have a friend who has a bipolar disorder. It’s severely affecting with the way he does even as simple as getting up to bed and eat. He said that this is the point where he feels so low. It’s like everything is so empty and nothing is worth doing at all. In extreme cases, he tends to commit suicide. But the good thing, he has a friend who gives him moral support. Without him, he could been long gone in this world.

On the other hand, there are times, although rare, that he feels so ecstatic. This is where he’s so inspired to do things such as writing. By the way, he’s a published American author. In fact, he has a book which according to him, a breakthrough in Physics. He claims that he was able to explain what wasn’t explained by Albert Einstein. He insists that if everyone reads his book, our way of life would change for the better. We would see things differently, thus, treat each other differently.

Sometimes, I somehow consider myself to be having this bipolar disorder but it’s very mild and manageable. When I feel low, I just recall Mom’s words.  Every time I was sad and lonely, she gently touched my head and said, “Yan, it’s just feelings.”

I know what she meant and I feel alright then.

Don’t Delay

When I had one of my tooth extracted this afternoon, I realized thereafter how important that we should highly take care of our teeth.

For the past days, I was suffering of pain every time I eat and drink. I was advised years ago to undergo root canal but I didnt’t do it because I couldn’t afford the cost. So I was instead advised to have my tooth pulled out. I was warned that it could bring me discomfort if I would postpone it.

Indeed, the discomfort occured. I still postponed it until I couldn’t take the pain anymore. But beyond that, I wasn’t anymore fully enjoying what I was eating.

Time came when my feet finally moved me to go to the dentist. At first, I was in pain even I was already given a dose of anesthesia. Thr doctor had to give me successive doses up until the third before he took out my teeth painlessly. I was praying anxiously to God that everything will be just fine. And whew, I was indeed fine. Thank God! Thank you Mama Mary! Thank you angel Jhudiel! If I could call more Divine Beings whom I’m devoted with, I would…

Whatever physical discomfort you’re experiencing especially if it’s recurring, you have to go to the doctor as soon as possible. It’s human nature for some Filipinos to act only when the pain is getting intolerable. We’re known for pain bearers. We should’nt fall into this kind of attitude. It’s one of the major blocks towards happiness when time might come that we would no longer enjoy living and sometimes, we might wish we will just be gone in this world.

Don’t Complain and Blame

Blessings in disguise. Is it really true? I used to shrug it off, thinking when undesirable things happen, there’s no such good thing about it. It’s just the way it is and the reason why it occurred can be traced to one’s actions.

However, I’ve observed recently that blessings sometimes come in disguise as misfortunes. At first impression, you really don’t like it, questioning God or fate why it happened. But as time goes by, you realize it happens in order to serve a higher purpose which is to enlighten. If it didn’t happen, it would be very hard for one to learn a lesson and it would take a very long time before learning can be absorbed and applied.

When someone gets sick, for example, the best thing you can do is to reframe the situation. Try to look at it in a different angle. Don’t complain. Don’t find something or someone to blame because if you do, you would just be upset which could lead to depression until you can’t move on. You could get stuck, getting mad at yourself, others and even at God.

When I said reframe, it means seeing the situation from a different viewpoint wherein  the supposed misfortune is actually a blessing because it galvanizes the person to evolve into a better human being.

Never Wish Harm

Never wish harm to anyone. Remember, our minds have the power to create reality. When you entertain a thought, imagining a certain incident happening to a specific person, there’s a possibility it might come true especially if the thought is consistent.

For example, there might be someone whom you detest and you can’t help but involuntarily wish for bad things to happen. What if your wish comes true? You might regret you’ve wished it in the first place. You could be affected to the point of your sadness leading to emotional guilt and pain.

What you should do once these kind of negative thoughts come to your mind is simply to let it go. Don’t continue entertaining the thought. Just replace it instead of a positive thought such as praying sincerely, saying, “God enlighten that person. May he be guided to the right path.”

I, myself, have a sibling whom I honestly don’t like at all. It’s a long story if I write it here. It’s normal that if you dislike someone much more if that person has actually done bad things against you, you can’t help but think of negative thoughts. Whatever she had said and done, she’s still my sister. Whatever may happen to her, I’m sure I’ll share her pain in one way or the other. So in order to avoid that outcome, I have to pray for her wellness and safety. In so by doing, I’m praying the same prayer for myself. Aren’t we all one in the ultimate reality?

Don’t Be Sad

Few minutes ago, my brother and I were having a conversation. He told me that he accompanied his friend in the hospital. They were in a large room where it was filled with cancer patients who were undergoing chemotherapy.

His friend, who’s in a stage 3 cancer, met a certain person who was there to visit the doctor for some follow up check-up. This person said that she’s a cancer survivor and the major reason why she’s able to overcome her sickness is because of her being happy. According to her, when you’re sad, your immune system will be down which could lead to invasion of cancer cells in our bodies. But when you’re happy, your immune system will be strong, thus, creating a defense against these cancer cells.

I definitely agree. Even as simple as fever, the moment it hits me, I would cheer myself by getting occupied with what I like to do such as listening to music, meditation or watching a movie. I don’t take medicine. Not a single tablet at all. I just double my water intake and get more hours of sleep. Then after some few hours, I observe, my fever is then gone.