To Whom It May Concern

I told you last year that if you keep spreading false stories about me then I’ll be forced to write more about your wicked deeds. The time has come.  I really don’t wanna write this but you challenged me and my patience is done.

Even your very own son told you a number of times, “Ma, stop lying!”

Few days ago, I heard you loud and clear. You kept on saying that the money I owed from Mom, I never paid back. Again, it’s not true. Everything was paid back especially the money I borrowed when we built our house.

It seems you’ll never stop painting a bad image on me and my family. I just can’t sit here and remain silent. I have to do something so hopefully once for all, you would see your wickedness and someday change.

Since the start of 2019, I try to live my life in peace, avoiding all possible conflict. Even I still keep on hearing you spreading lies about me to other people, I tried to be silent and not fight back.

Few days ago, I heard you again loud and clear, relentlessly saying lies about me. You seem to want war and so I bring you the war, right here, right now.

It’s been said, “There’s a time for peace but there’s also a time for war…”

I have lot of bullets to fire but let me just fire these two which I can say the two most terrible things you did, not against me but against Mom.

1. When mom was on her dying days in the hospital, you and your younger sister, Cherrys, were wickedly smiling and laughing, saying something like this, “Let’s divide the jewelries of Mom to both of us! Hehehe!”

You can’t deny that because there were witnesses, including me, who saw and heard you both.

2. We were informed by the doctor to never give Mom any water no matter how thirsty she would be. Because if we do, it will quickly kill her.

Hours before she died, with my very own eyes, I saw you putting more than one tablespoon of water to Mom’s mouth. I was shocked. I was caught off guard. I couldn’t say any word nor react.

You can’t deny that because there were witnesses, including me, who saw you doing it. I couldn’t understand why you did it. What was on your crazy mind? How could you do that to our very own mother who still had a strong will to live at that critical time! This could be the effect on your brain of your shabu use before.

I think i already told you a week before Mom died that she said, “You know, Jinky is really the one who’s giving me stress.” There were witnesses who saw and heard mom saying that.

I had a dream a week after she passed away. In the dream, I saw a letter. It was typewritten and I intensely felt she wrote it. I couldn’t recall the contents of the entire letter. She said, “TO INDEMNIFY.” She looked sad.

When I woke up, I asked myself, “What should I do so I can indemnify her passing away in this world?”

After a couple of days, I again had a dream. She said, “IT HAS TO BE ACCESSIBLE ONLINE.”

So I thought maybe this post might fulfill her last wish.


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