25 Years Ago

I love her. I’ve always been loving her from the day I professed my love for her.

The first time I gazed upon her eyes twenty five years ago, I told her that I do love her. That was the reason I left the seminary so we can finally be together.

Just a while ago when I watched her sleep, my love for her never changes. It’s still the same and even runs deeper in my spirit.

I know I had sinned against her in the past yet she’s still holding on the love I gave her twenty five years ago as if I’m still the man, the pure man she once knew.

Just a while ago when we embraced each other, I couldn’t utter any word. I couldn’t even say I love you. I wanted to but I guess sometimes words are not needed. I know what she really needs is to be reassured that my love for her can go beyond the number of years.

I don’t know what the future holds for both of us. It doesn’t matter as long as I know we always hold each others’ hands day by day, not letting go of the love I strongly professed for her twenty five years ago.


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