You Really Don’t Have True Friends

If you are on the right side, don’t be afraid to fight back. Fight in a non violent way. Fight in order to send a message that you can’t be crushed down.

Let them know you’re not stupid. God gave you the gift of intellect. Use it to protect your own welfare. God gave you the gift of free will. Use it to assert that you are no one’s slave.

Remember this. You are only loyal to one thing. That is your own family. You may transfer from one company to the other but you hold your family still in your life. Your spouse and offspring are your priority. If their needs are compromised, be ready to look for another company which would better serve them.

In this world of competition, survival of the fittest and self-interest, you really don’t have true friends. Your only true friends who would be there even in your trying times, would be your family.

If you don’t have one, it must be your highest pursuit.


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