An Ideal Death

Five days ago, Pepe Smith, pioneer of Pinoy rock, died at the age of 71. According to reports, he was strumming his guitar hours before his death.

Life wasn’t easy for him. He was jailed. He suffered from stroke and cataract. But I guess what mattered to the man was he lived his life to the fullest. He was able to do what he wanted to do, rock and rollin…

Also this week, someone passed away in our village due to heart complications. She was in her late sixties.

I spoke to the son and expressed my heartfelt condolence. According to him, his mother was already advised by his doctor years ago to change her lifestyle. Her eating of meat was unrestrained without intake of fruits and vegetables. She was getting big without physical exercise.

While listening to him, I looked into his eyes. How I wished I’ve told him to take care of his health. He’s a smoker. I could have told him to stop smoking and eat healthy foods but I guess it wasn’t appropriate.

Before, we ended our conversation, he said that death comes to all of us anyway. It’s just a matter of time. He’s right.

My ideal death would just happen during my sleep. I die not due to any sickness but purely of old age. I leave the world in happiness knowing I’ve fully done what I wanted to do. I leave the world in peace having totally forgiven and having asked for forgiveness.


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