Don’t Let Your Past Imprison You

I see a person who is filled with insecurities and madness in her life. Probably because she felt like she’s the only one who wasn’t able to finish college among her siblings. She’s also the only one who fell into the vice of using illegal drugs before. There are many things she did but I think one of the most terrible things she did was violently hurting her own husband, daughter and her younger sister.

I don’t exactly know what’s going on in her mind. I thought she’s transformed when she became a pastor in her church but nothing changed. She’s still a fault finder while she continues to do bad things against others. She has no credibility being a preacher of God’s word. She doesn’t live what she preaches. I don’t know if the people in her church know who she really is and what she had done and keeps doing. How does she manage to have the guts to speak in the name of God while there are many people she caused pain? I’m not sure if she’s still their pastor in the present. If I find out she’s been replaced or stripped off from her function, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. If that happens, I would feel relieved.

I’m just praying she will awaken, be enlightened and guided into the right path. Even with her greed and clever evil ways, I still wish she’ll be transformed someday, in the right order of time. After all, she’s still my sister.

There’s sadness and hatred both to herself and others. I pity her. Her dark past is like imprisoning her.

Don’t let your past hold you back in your pursuit of happiness. If you do, you’ll be miserable all toughout your life.


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