Don’t get absorbed too much with your feelings.

I have a friend who has a bipolar disorder. It’s severely affecting with the way he does even as simple as getting up to bed and eat. He said that this is the point where he feels so low. It’s like everything is so empty and nothing is worth doing at all. In extreme cases, he tends to commit suicide. But the good thing, he has a friend who gives him moral support. Without him, he could been long gone in this world.

On the other hand, there are times, although rare, that he feels so ecstatic. This is where he’s so inspired to do things such as writing. By the way, he’s a published American author. In fact, he has a book which according to him, a breakthrough in Physics. He claims that he was able to explain what wasn’t explained by Albert Einstein. He insists that if everyone reads his book, our way of life would change for the better. We would see things differently, thus, treat each other differently.

Sometimes, I somehow consider myself to be having this bipolar disorder but it’s very mild and manageable. When I feel low, I just recall Mom’s words.  Every time I was sad and lonely, she gently touched my head and said, “Yan, it’s just feelings.”

I know what she meant and I feel alright then.


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