Have Fun

We tried eating at this new restaurant which caught my attention at first sight from outside. Their words printed on their windows, walls and even on their menu are very funny written in our dialect.


Gusto ko mag-tigum pero permi ko gutom. Translation: “I wanna save but I’m always hungry.” Bwahaha!!!

Alarm clock na lang galeh ang naay time sa imo, ginapatay pa nimo. Translation: “Alarm clock is the who has time for you but it’s what you turn off.” Hahaha!

My toes, my knees, my crush is manhid. Toink! “My toes, my knees, my crush is numb.” Hehehe!


On their wall, it says, Dili ko free taste na ti tilaw tilawan lang nimo. Translation: “I’m not for free taste that you just try and try.” Hehehe!

I’m sure the owner is a pure Cebuano who shows his being a genuine local boy. He must love grilled food as the name of his unique restaurant is BOYZUGBA. I’m also sure what he does as a businessman is something he mixes it with fun. So I admire him. He inspires me. He’s a true entrepreneur.

Time will come someday when I have my own business. I’ll remember BOYZUGBA. I must be original without fear of facing big brands in the market. I must inject funny elements in my place where my customers laugh and smile so they will at least forget for a while whatever problem they may have in life.


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