Build a House in this Manner

I noticed that every time I sleep without turning on the airconditioner, when I wake up, I feel more refreshed as if I slept for many hours. With the windows open, I just use the electric fan, absorbing the air outside. I know it’s the natural air which relaxes my body and mind.

However, sometimes, I’m forced to turn on the airconditioner when the weather is hot. The problem is my sleep gets interrupted when I feel so cold. And you know when we sleep, even we’re using blankets, due to our unconscious movements, our bodies would be left uncovered after few hours of sleep. But when you sleep under natural air, you don’t need any blanket unless it’s winter time or during cold season.

My ideal house is built under a big tree. Inside is well ventilated with enough windows to take in natural air during summer time so there’s no need to use airconditioner. During cold season, closing almost all windows would definitely control the temperature inside, thus comfortable living is still there. If the presence of trees is unrealistic, there are building materials nowadays which are heat resistant.

So build a house in this manner. Of course, fill it with ones you love. Surely, you will live happily ever after…


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