Get along in this Internet Age

My family is so happy that our internet connection is finally upgraded to fiber optics. For so long, our speed was 5 mbps and now it’s 25.

Our country is known for slow internet connection but if you’re using a fiber optic cable, there’s a big difference but the price is higher. For those who are willing to pay more, some subscribe to 100 mbps. Our service is provided by PLDT. The other competitor is Globe. Recently, a third player has been approved by our government so we expect the competition would be interesting because we, the consumers, are the ones who will benefit the most. For sure, service will be better and price will be lowered. So thank God for competitors for they keep the playing field out of monopoly.

During my youth in the 80’s, this internet thing didn’t exist, not even cellphones were present. We were content on the traditional home phones. As long as we heard each others’ voices, we were glad at that time. As years went by, our needs and wants got complex. Being happy also got complex. In fact, presently, getting connected in the internet through wi-fi with our smart phones has become a need that without it, it seems life is boring, if not sad.

Whether we like it or not, we live in the internet age. We just have to go along with the flow and enjoy the ride.


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