Believe in God

Many years ago, I met a group of atheists and agnostics. While listening to their arguments about God, I observed their viewpoints and reasoning made a lot of sense. I didn’t know what was going on with their lives if they live with good morals and integrity. But I read an article about these kind of people. They have a community here in Cebu whose members are professionals. They do outreach activities such as giving free medical and dental services. I think they’ve always believed on being kind and compassionate which is more important than even being concerned whether God exists or not. They don’t pray, not even a single ritual they care about. Real action is what matters to them. Their success and good health are all attributed to their own efforts, definitely not to any supernatural beings.

I do respect their way of life. In fact, I admire them as opposed to those religious people who are hypocrites (well, not all, of course). However, my question is… Would it be better if you combine both worlds? I mean, you’re kind to others and at the same time in your own private life, you believe in the mysterious presence of God. I personally believe this is a better way of life.

When there are times you fail no matter how hard you try, then you sincerely pray to God with all your persistence… Then your prayer is answered. Isn’t that something to be joyous about? Then you realize that when all human efforts have been exhausted, there is always the Divine part of our existence which is larger than the logical truth. And when we live in that reality, there’s always hope. There’s no reason to despair for there’s a God waiting to be called. Whether that God is just within or above us, there’s no difference.


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