Drive Someone

Traffic here in Metro Cebu is getting worse. If I take away the heavy traffic, travelling by car with my usual destination in 2 miles could just take me not more than 8 minutes. But with the normal traffic on weekdays could take me more than 30 minutes.  Driving becomes stressful especially when your car is manual. (How I wish I can buy an automatic SUV someday!) Driving could become more stressful when you encounter motorcycles counterflowing. That’s why there’s a city ordinance penalizing those kind of drivers.

When you’re in Manila, it could be worse. More incidents there called road rage where drivers would use their guns to vent out their disgust against other drivers.

My wife sometimes tells me that she would just take the public transport but I always insist that I continue to send her to work and pick her up when going home. She knows it’s not easy for me but I know as well that she’s always glad if I don’t stop driving her.

There were few times when I wasn’t able to drive her because I got so tired in cleaning the house. However, when I chose to stay at home taking a rest, I got bothered just by the thought a commuter always has to endure waiting for a ride. And when you do get a ride, you also have to endure the inconvenience inside the Jeepney and Tricycle where people sit there like sardines.

So if you got a car, having the opportunity to drive someone, surely, you’re making the person happy.


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