Keep Your Family

Yesterday was the feast of Santo Niño here in Cebu City. It’s called Sinulog, celebrated every third Sunday of January in honor of the child Jesus Christ. Although I wasn’t able to watch the colorful participants on the street for the Mardi Gras but just watching them on TV was good enough for me to feel the happiest event in our city.

When I was younger, I can still remember I used to join the street party by dancing, drinking and even painting each other with wet charcoal. That was all I knew at that time. But when I got married and started to raise kids, more than the fun and celebration, Sinulog is a way for me to ask something from the Lord. For this year, I fervently prayed that my son will be completely healed. And I know Jesus will for He had answered several of my prayers. I genuinely thanked Him in advance and confidently affirmed that I, together with my wife and two sons, live in good health and happiness.

I’m not rich. I don’t have great achievements in life. But there’s one thing I cherish the most. My family. My happiness especially when the four of us are together in doing something has made me realize that this is my deepest joy which I wouldn’t trade with anything in this world.

I guess family too is your greatest treasure. Do everything you can to keep them together, forever…


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