Watch Manny Pacquiao

This afternoon in Philippine time was the fight of our nation’s pride, Manny Pacquiao. He won clearly by unanimous decision over Adrien Broner. As usual, I was so happy to see my fellow Filipino victorious even at his 40 years of age. I’m amazed of his speed and lightning power punches as if I was watching him fight 20 years ago.

I never failed to watch all his professional fights on the ring. As they say, when it’s Manny’s boxing bout, the whole Philippines stands still. Crime rate is zero. Rebels and government troops stop fighting against each other. Almost everyone is on the TV screens to cheer our living national sports hero.

I’m not really a boxing fan per se simply because it’s a brutal sport and some die because of it. But due to the inspiring story behind Manny’s success, I become a great fan of the person. From his beginnings in poverty, he worked very hard. There were losses along the way but his number of wins were extremely dominant all throughout his career. He is considered to be a true warrior because he’s never afraid to take risks. He’s never a counter puncher. He’s more of an offensive fighter. That’s why he’s more admired than Floyd Mayweather. Although unbeaten, Floyd has less respect and admiration from boxing fans. If I’m not mistaken, even most Americans are Manny’s fans.

What I’m saying is that you find your own local hero whom you’re excited and happy to see. He or she may be in sports, film, music or whatever field as long as that person inspires you and makes you realize that life is worth living.


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