Be Glad with Ads

I guess some of us if not most, don’t like advertisements. Even in this age of internet, ads find their ways to penetrate the viewers especially in watching videos. If there’s an option to skip the ad, we click on it. For those who are internet savvy, you can install an ad blocker in your browser so ads won’t interrupt your viewing experience. There’s no problem if you’re just reading an article such as this one because you can always choose to focus on these words instead of those picture from different ads.

Personally, my take on ads would be different if I watch cable TV. I welcome them in between shows so I can do my household chores and go to the comfort room. In fact, I get restless when I’m watching a movie such as in HBO because there’s no ad. So I prefer FOX movies but nothing beats watching local shows in ABS-CBN or GMA because ads are longer.

So be glad with those advertisements in whatever you’re watching or listening. You enjoy watching your favorite show while being productive as you can do your personal stuffs. Remember, without ads, content creators and artists are motivated to continue to do what they do. On the other hand, it’s also good to know those companies advertising their products or services which might fulfill what you’re looking for.


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