Don’t Delay

When I had one of my tooth extracted this afternoon, I realized thereafter how important that we should highly take care of our teeth.

For the past days, I was suffering of pain every time I eat and drink. I was advised years ago to undergo root canal but I didnt’t do it because I couldn’t afford the cost. So I was instead advised to have my tooth pulled out. I was warned that it could bring me discomfort if I would postpone it.

Indeed, the discomfort occured. I still postponed it until I couldn’t take the pain anymore. But beyond that, I wasn’t anymore fully enjoying what I was eating.

Time came when my feet finally moved me to go to the dentist. At first, I was in pain even I was already given a dose of anesthesia. Thr doctor had to give me successive doses up until the third before he took out my teeth painlessly. I was praying anxiously to God that everything will be just fine. And whew, I was indeed fine. Thank God! Thank you Mama Mary! Thank you angel Jhudiel! If I could call more Divine Beings whom I’m devoted with, I would…

Whatever physical discomfort you’re experiencing especially if it’s recurring, you have to go to the doctor as soon as possible. It’s human nature for some Filipinos to act only when the pain is getting intolerable. We’re known for pain bearers. We should’nt fall into this kind of attitude. It’s one of the major blocks towards happiness when time might come that we would no longer enjoy living and sometimes, we might wish we will just be gone in this world.


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