Pray with all your Love

My youngest son, Lance, is admitted in the hospital due to some physical pains. While we’re in the emergency room, I asked him what’s in his mind. He replied that he hopes this will be over soon so he can go home and go back to school.

I caressed his hand and said, “Lance… Mommy and I always love you. From the day you were born, we’re always here at your side.”

He looked teary eyed.

Together with my wife, I laid down my hand on his body and prayed with all my love: “God, I pray that my son will just be fine. I hope this is just a minor procedure without the need of operation. But whatever it is and in spite of everything, we trust in you. We have faith in your divine love and power. We also trust the doctors and the medications they give for they are instruments of your healing power. Amen.”

Then we prayed one Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. I noticed he closed his eyes and prayed along with us.

Then he said, “Thank you.” His voice was low and weak but I intensely felt his gratitude. Reading his mind, he must be glad that he got his parents caring and praying for him.

Prayer is one of the most sublime deeds that you can do for someone. It’s a divine expression of how you love the person and sometimes, it brings miracles.


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