Advice from the Heart

Yesterday, I was so glad to know that my son finally got a job. It’s his first work after having graduated just last month.

He was so ecstatic that he jumped for joy. But I guess what made him deeply happy were the words I said to him. Below was our FB chat conversation:

Me: “Lecar, I’m so proud of you. Here it is. Indeed, good things come to those who wait. You waited patiently. You deserve this job. You will excel for sure I know. Take care of this company and they will take care of your progressing success. Be punctual. Don’t be absent. Take care of your health. Mommy, Lance and I are always here to support and love you for always.”

Lecar: “Chuya ug advice nimo daddy, came from years of experience 😍. Yes daddy, you pointed out my patience and I will take care of this company well and I will be punctual and take good care of my health.”

Afterwards, he personally thanked me for the words I gave him which according to him wasn’t cliché but really words of wisdom after having experienced different episodes in life.

Giving heartfelt advise even when not asked but needed in a special situation can make a great impact to someone’s life. It will be long remembered, serving an invaluable guiding light. When the person looks back, he may credit his success and happiness to your words of wisdom.



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