Make Love Regularly

If you’re married, don’t forget to make love with your spouse at least once a week. Sometimes, I must admit I’m guilty for not having done this with my wife due to being occupied with work and some household chores. But I must have no excuse. Why should I? Sexual intercourse in marriage is one of life’s greatest rewards. There’s passion. There’s love. No fear but only physical and mental expression of how you truly love each other.

When I reach orgasm as I embrace my wife tight, I say I reach happiness in the most sensual and pleasurable way. The most delicious food or any sensory experience can’t even match a bit to the heightened joy in climax. And when I witness her achieve her orgasm as well, her sensuous facial expression indicates she seems to experience bliss or nirvana. She then thanks me as if I’ve given her more than gold and money.

I read before an article about Tantric sex. It said that for couple who love each other truly, reaching mutual orgasm is like partaking divine joy with the gods in heaven. Wow! Can you imagine that?

So go ahead and make love with your spouse regularly.


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