Knowing Filipinos

Here in our country, Philippines, one of the common traits you might observe is an attitude which isn’t upfront, although not all Filipinos are like this. For example, if I’m hungry, even if you ask me if I wanna eat, usually my response is, I’m okay, which is synonymous to, I’m not hungry. However, if you really believe that I’m not hungry and you proceed in eating by yourself, then I become upset.

Since I’m fully aware of that, even with my interaction to my family, I make sure that I always know what’s behind their responses. So when they say, ok rako, which means I’m okay, it just means they’re not really okay. Oftentimes, I have to ask further what they want until I have to proactively serve them with food even they don’t ask for it. But when they start to eat, I can see deep in their faces that they’re glad I didn’t believe their ok rako response in the first place.

So if you’re an American, for example, and you’re courting a Pinay, now you know what you should do in order to please her and make her happy. Most likely, you will win her heart in the process.


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