Controlled Breathing

When I find it hard to sleep, I do my controlled breathing. There’s no need for a sleeping pill. After for about 30 minutes, my body feels so light that in no time, I easily fall asleep. When I wake up, I feel refreshed. Then I say to myself, “Wow! That was a good sleep. Thank God!” I’m always glad having spent some time for this kind of excercise. Here’s how I do it:

I turn on my iPod playing a soothing music to help me calm down. In my bed, I sit in crossed legs with a pillow to support my back. I put my hands on my lap. Then I close my eyes as I’m aware of my breathing, inhale, exhale….

When I notice my breathing is relaxed, I exhale deeply through my nose for 10 seconds. Then again through my nose, I inhale for 10 seconds. I hold my breath for 5 seconds. Then I slowly release my breath, exhaling through my mouth. Thereafter, I go back to my normal relaxed breathing. I repeat this process for 10 times.

Try it for yourself. What works for me might also work for you.


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