Sing Your Favorite Song

If you google the country with the best singers in the world, the top sites say it’s the Philippines. Some say that our country is the singing capital of the world.

I, myself, used to sing before with a boy band, performing at the malls, gym and during fiestas. But that was a long time ago when my vocal chords were in good shape.

I still sing these days when I’m driving to keep me awake on the road. Sometimes, my family goes to a karaoke bar where in a private room, each of us sings after one’s turn. Just by observing our faces, singing to the best we can while firmly holding the mic, there’s no denying all of us want to be professional singers if we’re just gifted with great voices. Hahaha! But I guess it’s not really whether we can sing well or not but it’s more on the joy being able to express ourselves artistically through music.

There are times when I hear a melancholic love song, I sing along. Then I sweetly smile as I recall a specific person associated with the song.

Days before my mom passed away, the last thing she was able to do where she expressed her joy was singing. It was so meaningful because she was like lullabying her granddaughter, Vera. After singing, she happily smiled facing the video and asked, “Nindut nuh?” It means, isn’t it wonderful?

If you don’t know how to sing, just do it and try to imitate your favorite singer singing your favorite song. It could be one of the happiest things you could ever do in your life.

(video courtesy of my sister, Peaches)


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