Watch a Funny Video

If you want to cheer yourself up in less than a minute, you can just go to YouTube and find the right video which suits your local preference.

I came across this particular video while I was trying to avoid from falling to sleep at work. In a matter of 17 seconds, my sleepiness was instantly gone while I smiled and laughed, trying to control my laughter so not to disturb others. But really, I was LOL inside of me! Bwahahaha! It was the shortest comedy scene I’ve ever watched so far!

Let me put in words what the pinoy said, “TANan anaa Diyos Ug Ang Yawa. Rayuma, Hubak, Ubo Makuha. Dayon Ang Resulta Kamatayon.” The literal translation is this: God and Devil are all there is. You get rheumatism, asthma, cough. Then the result is death.

At first glance for non-filipinos, there’s nothing funny about it. Tanduay Rhum Dark is a famous strong alcoholic brand in the Philippines. It’s consumed mostly by middle to lower class. With its cheap price, it can make you easily drunk. But there are a lot of stories that a number of men got sick to their demise due to frequent drinking of this rhum.

What makes it funny then? It’s the manner in which the man discloses what the acronym stands for. He acted like a typical salesman you see at the hallway of a mall, enthusiastically educating his audience. Obviously, he was being satirical but understanding deeply what he was trying to convey, there’s a truth behind. I bet he wanted to send a message that drinking this kind of liquor is like meeting the devil because of the disease it brings leading to death. On the other hand, it’s also like meeting God probably because you get high in happiness as if problems don’t exist which is an observable phenomenon to drunk people at the bar or at the street.

But please don’t get me wrong. This post isn’t about alcohol but the ways of being happy which is simply watching a funny video in YouTube. Hehehe!

(video courtesy of Claude Online PH)


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