Eat Ice Cream

When I went to a grocery store just this week, there’s a saying printed on their wall: “Life is like an ice cream. Enjoy and eat it before it melts.”

I was a sales representative before, working for a big multinational food company. I was assigned in the ice cream division, in charge of getting orders from stores while collecting payments. Most of the time when I was in the store, I had a merchandiser who came along with me. He cleaned the freezer and decorated the store with posters. One of the posters he brought was an image of a swimming pool with our brand on the center and below the words which stated, A Taste of Happiness.

I had to agree with the slogan because I usually saw customers, with their children, buying our products with smile on their faces. I could guess there must be a special occasion like birthdays because they bought one gallon while some half gallon of ice cream with flavors such as double dutch, cookies & cream, fruit salad and the like.

When I came home from work, oftentimes, I brought half gallon for my family. My eldest son, who was very small at that time, came running towards me as he gave me a cheerful grin on his face and then warmly embraced me.

My youngest son requested for an ice cream, cookies & cream flavor, last New Year’s eve. According to him. it’s his craving which needs to be satisfied as well as eating lechon. His wants needed to be fulfilled. No one wanted to be upset in the happiest season of the year.

Yesterday, I ate buko salad (passionately made by my wife) with vanilla ice cream on top. All I could say that eating experience is more pleasurable when the dessert served is ice cream. Surely, it’s the sweet and cool creamy taste on my tongue which somehow makes me realize, it’s physically good to be alive.


So go ahead and ice cream especially during holidays and of course, when it’s your birthday. Or even when there’s no occasion, eat ice cream when you’re happy as of the moment. Savor that joy. It might not happen again. Like the wall said, “Life is like an ice cream. Enjoy and eat it before it melts.”

No person so far have I seen frowning while eating ice cream.



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