Attain Balance

There are three levels of communication. First is when you’re having a quick interaction with another person. Second is when you’re having a conversation where you spend longer time. The third is the most meaningful one because not only you interact and spend longer time but you get to have a chance to open up, thus, talk more, where the other person is listening more. This is what happened when we had our meditation, followed by sharing.

I guess we started our New Year 2019 right by getting back on what we used to do on a weekly basis. In our room, we sat on our bed in crossed legs. With a soothing music from Enya as background music, I said, “Let’s meditate. Let’s close our eyes. Relax. Inhale… Exhale… Let’s be aware of the air we breathe as we think of the good things that happened to us last year. Let’s thank God for all the blessings we received.”

After 15 minutes, we prayed one Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be and Angel of God. Then we had our sharing. I started when I talked about my goals for this year. Then my wife and my two sons followed each sharing their thoughts on their plans for 2019.

When I shared something about my plan for the next coming days, my wife responded that she’s happy of what I just disclosed. What I mentioned is I continue my passion in writing but it doesn’t mean I won’t be employed anymore as I realize I have to be realistic. Earning enough money being a writer is the last thing that can happen but when you’re employed, I can have a guaranteed income, enough to pay our monthly bills. I realized that balance is the key in achieving happiness.

Writing is my passion. It’s my way of actualizing my self in achieving a beautiful meaning of my existence. But beauty isn’t real beauty when happiness isn’t achieved. True happiness can only be achieved when it’s able to fulfill both emotional and physical needs. I can be happy writing something with my emotions flying in inspiration but it’s not complete if I see bills piling up unpaid. Electricity can be cut off. I could go hungry. Definitely, if those things happen, how can I continue writing?

Make sure there’s always balance in everything you do. I think it’s the ultimate secret to happiness.


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