Be Happy in Whatever You Do

Here in our country, Philippines, I’ve observed we have a lot of practices and traditions to attract good luck when the New Year comes. One outstanding tradition is having 12 different kind of round fruits on our table. There’s also money in a bowl with rice and round chocolates wrapped with gold. When the clock strikes twelve at midnight, you can see firecrackers at the street and fireworks at the skies.

I remember when my mom was still alive, she used to give me new coins minutes before Jan. 1. She told me, “Yan, e butan ni sa imong bulsa para swertehon ka.” It means, put these coins into your purse so you’ll get lucky. I also remember an amusing instruction she gave me when I was a small kid that I have to jump at exactly 12 midnight so I grow taller. But the most memorable moment I always treasure was when she happily kissed me on my face every New Year as she greeted, “Happy New Year, Yan. Love you, love you!” She never failed to wear something red. God, I miss her so much…

Whatever our tradition, culture or practices are, we have to respect each others’ belief.   Although I strongly believe in consistent hard work which is the strongest factor in bringing good things into our lives, but what matters is our happiness in whatever we do in life.

On my part, I will continue to wear something red with coins on my purse because it makes me think of happy thoughts about my mom. I will continue to honor and cherish these fruits and money on our table because they’re prepared by my beloved wife.

Whether I get to be financially lucky or not this 2019, it’s not really a big deal for me. I can say my greatest luck, if it’s rightfully called as luck, is having a wife and two sons who are all in good health.


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