Eat Delicious and Healthy Foods

Eating what you want because not only it’s delectable but it’s also healthy can really make you happy.

When my wife prepared garlic brown rice and inun unan (fish cooked with vinegar and spices) for our breakfast today, she knew it’s gonna make me smile deep inside. The picture below showed three fishes left when there were actually 12. I ate most of them.

I started this pescatarian diet since 2004. I read a book which greatly influenced me. I learned that the kind of animals which are designed for human consumption are seafoods. From then on, I avoided eating pork, beef, chicken and the like.

More than its health benefits, fish really tastes good. Well, it depends on how it’s cooked, the taste of any seafood can vary from anyone’s tongue. Of course, when you’re in a first class restaurant, every dish can be excellent but there’s a high price to pay.

I remember when I used to eat lechon and crispy pata, I got sleepy afterwards. The worst was when I overate those kind of foods, I was like suffocated. I thought I suffered from a heart congestion. I had to take successive long breathing while walking around the park for about 30 minutes. Then I realized that indeed, they are not designed for human consumption.

I’ve known a number of people who lived up to the nineties whose diet was mostly consisting of fish, fruits and vegetables. Most of them died not because of sickness but due to old age. Some of them just died in their sleep. I’ve been envisioning this is the kind of death I will have. I won’t cause any burden to anyone, both financially and mentally.

I read a book saying Jesus Christ was a pescatarian. If he wasn’t crucified to death, he could have lived more than 90. I read an article stating our maximum life span can be more 120 years old.

There are times when there’s no seafood on the table or in any eatery, I have no choice but to eat what’s available which is usually chicken. Every time I eat it, although undeniably it’s tasty, I can feel my digestive system is getting upset. Then I said to myself, “Damn! How can I reach 90 with this?”


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