Appreciate Anyone’s Kindness

To appreciate is one of the most effective ways of producing happiness between the two persons.

Recently, every time I share our meals with my dad, he seems not to appreciate it. It’s almost like he wants to tell me, “Yan, don’t give me food anymore. I can take care of myself. Besides, your sisters are taking care of me.”

Naturally, I’m upset but I don’t wanna dwell too much into this. I guess fathers have the tendency to prefer their daughters rather than their sons. What matters, mom’s spirit wherever she is right now, knows I’ve tried to fulfill my promise to take care of dad.

I realize that when you don’t appreciate someone’s efforts in showing concern and care for you, you’re making that person sad. Sadness is the opposite of happiness.

That’s why as much as possible, I would appreciate anyone’s acts of kindness to me for so by doing, not only I’m making that person happy, I also get to be glad when I feel one’s efforts are appreciated. Happiness is always a two-way process.

My wife, I have to say without any bias, is a great cook. Oftentimes, I’m amazed of her unique delicious dish that I have to ask her if it’s her own recipe. She replied it’s her own creation after having undergone some experimentation and exploration.


I show my appreciation to her by caressing her face while sincerely saying, “Myts, lami kaayo ni. Salamat ha!” It means, this is very delicious. Thank you. By the way, I call her Myts from the two words, MY mariTeSs, combined.

Then she touches my hand as she gives me a sweet smile. I can feel her joy. Her joy then becomes mine as I realize happiness is indeed a two-way process.


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