Tap Someone

By simply tapping one’s shoulder or stroking his head, I’m sending a message that I value and care for that person, effecting good results.

I remember there’s this person at one point of my life. His name is Mari. He was the team leader in our sales account. He used to tap my shoulder saying, “Ryan, you can do it.” Without explaining how would I do something, his touch sent a message that somehow he trusted my skill and experience.

Almost on a daily basis he did it yet maintaining his sincerity. I knew he was genuine because there were times he spoke to me, one on one and asked me how I was doing. He never failed to show his concern. It was as if he made me think that I’m highly valuable under his team. But it was his touch with a light grasp on my shoulder which made me feel that I was indeed an important member of his team. One thing I can’t forget about him was his consistency in greeting me first when I came in the office.

Months after, I was promoted to a team leader. What I couldn’t recall if I was able to credit my success to him. I knew I was able to thank him but he must know that it was because with the way he frequently touched and tapped my shoulders which in one way or the other, propelled me to perform and excel. Wherever he is right now, I always wish him and his family well and blessings…

I’m influenced by Mari’s tap that I’ve been applying it to my sons. Alternately, I gently stroke their heads to let them feel I really love them. Just this afternoon when Lecar was busy doing something, I tapped his shoulder and stroked his head.

Hours after, he let me see the website he completed. I smiled with all my joy and proudly said, “Wow! Good job, son!”

When Lance was sleeping in our room, I stroked his head as soft as I could be, making sure I won’t awaken him. Then I slept besides him. When I woke up, he was no longer in the bed. I went down and saw him. He told me, “Daddy, murag dungan tag mata. Nauna lang ko nimog gamay.” It means, we seemed to wake up together but he was just minutes ahead.”

I was amused with the way he said it because his facial expression obviously showed he had a quick but good rest.


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