Travel and Stay in a Resort

Before, I didn’t like to travel because of the hassle of packing things, carrying luggage, transferring transport from one to the other and the list went on and on…

When I started to have my own family, that changed. The hassles I considered before have become just part of the journey of moving away from a stressful place to somewhere relaxing and enjoyable. A stressful place is where my mind is placed upon such as my workplace and even in our own house.

Sometimes, you have to travel miles away from your home to a destination where you breathe the tranquility of a beach


and have fun, swimming at the pool. So when you go back to your house, you carry the happy feeling and bringing it to your place. It’s even advisable to go on overnight in a resort, so when you go back home, you miss where you truly belong. Then you might be able to see a different viewpoint of your house as you grow to value more your place.

That what just happened last Christmas when we went to a popular resort here in Metro Cebu. It’s estimated at 15 kilometers from our house but due to traffic, it was like we traveled double the distance. But the fact I was with my family, I treasured every minute of our journey because we got to talk more often in a contained setting. I thought I know everything about my wife and my sons but since there was an opportunity for them to share and open up, I get to know them more. Knowing them more makes me pay attention for them. I get to discover other sides of their personality as I learn to understand them more which is vice versa from their end to mine.

When I’m in the house, I tend to be occupied with a lot of things but during vacation, I have nothing to do but to enjoy the company of my family. Even at least temporarily, I forget my problems but what matters, I become happier. Longer conversations, seeing new place, eating in a restaurant, laughing while enjoying the waters, sleeping in a hotel and most importantly, realizing life is worth living when you do all those things with the ones you love whom you are closest, choosing them above anyone else…

P. S. Sabi ko sa kanila, “Parang nasa Korea yata tayo! Tayo lang yata ang Pinoy dita ah!”


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