Exchanging Gift

Exchanging gift when the clock strikes 12 on exactly Dec. 25 had been my family’s tradition since I was a little kid. I can still remember I tried very hard to be awake just to excitingly await and open what was inside the Christmas wrapper.

The tradition remained to be practiced with my wife and kids but we don’t have to stay awake until 12. I realize it’s better to open gifts in the morning of Christmas day. Since we usually spend Christmas even in a hotel, we get so tired of our travel and swimming on the pool. So it’s better to sleep at night and wake up at usually 7 AM and open the presents.

What’s important we have the renewed energy and refreshed mind to enjoy the act of giving and receiving during the happiest time of the year.

Our gifts’ worth are ranging from 500 to 800. It’s not expensive and fancy. What’s important, material things can be practically used like clothes or underwear right there and then.

Of course, the excitement is there, guessing what will I receive this time. I can simply buy what I need for myself but it’s still different when you receive something from the other person. How much more if that other person is your spouse and your children! The feeling of surprise is there the moment you open the gift and what joy it can bring if they’re able to guess what I need!

I recall one time during our Christmas party at work years ago when I just gave money to my “manita.” I said sorry as I didn’t have the time to buy a gift she wanted as based on her wish list. She seemed upset. I greeted her Merry Christmas but she didn’t reply and just walked away.

I realize that the value of money was lost because I didn’t use it to buy something for her use which would have saved her time and effort.

Anyway, past is past and we only have the present to undo the mistakes we did before.

Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you very much for the hip jeans which my wife gave me. I got this cool shirt, brief and perfume from my sons. Thank you so much, boys!


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