Christmas Card

I’m so glad to receive a Christmas card from my sister in the US. I really appreciate her effort which makes me feel I’m still an important part of her life. Blessings be upon her and her family.

Living in this digital age, we’re so used to send our holiday greetings through social media. There’s nothing wrong with. In fact, it’s good because in a matter of seconds, our messages are sent. However, since it’s easy to do, effortless it may seem, personal touch is lost.

But when you send a Christmas card with your words written by your physical hand, I’m sure the one who receives it would feel valued because of the realization that you took some of your precious time in coming up with it.

You may have received holiday greetings from someone you don’t know in facebook. Most likely, that person must have sent the same message to his hundreds of friends with its “send to all feature.” I remember having received that kind of private message when my FB was still active. To be honest, I felt like spammed since I personally don’t know the person. And the more irritating it got when I received a number of consecutive messages from different people, all whom I don’t know.

I know I must still appreciate anyhow those messages since anyway, it was the yuletide season. But the fact I got excited when my inbox was marked red when all I discovered wasn’t from the person whom I expected. It happened not only on Christmas but also on New Year, Sinulog, Valentines and Easter. So that’s one of the reasons why I deactivated my FB account. There was clutter. Most of my friends seemed like anonymous. There was no more meaning as it was like wasting my time.

What my sister did was something special. I hang her Christmas card together with our Christmas lights. I’m so amused with a sweet smile on my face staring at the baby angel illustration.


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