Smile and Eat

Christmas day is two days from now while foods are pouring in, here on our table. Thank you so much to the kindness of Andrea and Janet, two of my wife’s valued clients at work.

Just simply looking at these cute Christmas cupcakes made me smile.

This budbud is like no other. The wrapping is something I’ve never seen before. It’s specially wrapped in aesthetic fashion. And when you open and eat it, hhmmmm! It’s just so deliciously filipino. The light sticky feel into your mouth as you chew it with the sweet taste of the rice really made my day. I had to eat another one and another one… I think I was able to consume more than 4 pieces, of course, not in a single day. All I could say was, “Lamia gyud ani uy!” which means, it’s really yummy!

Since I’m a health conscious person, I tend to abstain from eating sweet foods but I said to myself, “What the heck! It’s the happiest season of the year! C’mon, give me a break!”

What I’m saying is eat what you really want. Give in to what your taste buds are craving for. Indulge in your most desired food once in a while. As long as you do it in moderation, you’ll just be fine.

I must say that eating a good food is one of the most satisfying activities I could ever do. Oftentimes, my problems are set aside evertime I eat. Then after, my mind gets cleared up as I feel energized and ready to face my problems and overcome them one by one.

As the famous movie title goes, “Eat, pray and love.” It is as if EAT is the first one you should do before anything else. In the film, the lead star just didn’t eat, she even travelled to Italy just to eat her most desired food in a famous pizza city.


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