Why do I Give Tips?

I give tip to my barber whom I have my hair cut twice in a month. I give tip to the vulcanizing guy. I give tip to anyone who assist me when I drive out from the parking area. Just two days ago, I gave tip to the car wash boy which made him smile after sweating it out in cleaning well my car. My wife and I give tips to our masseuses. Almost everyone, when someone services me, on top of the regular payment, I give tip which is oftentimes higher that what they usually receive from their customers.


I know I did bad things before. One of the ways I repair the damages done is by being extra kind to other people. I always believe that We Are All One. Whatever kindness I demonstrate to other people, whether a stranger or not, it’s virtually the same act I show to the ones I hurt before. So in that manner, I’m somehow continually repairing the damages done.

I feel good giving tips as I feel relieved in the sense that the universe is mysteriously working to bless me but if not, at least to protect me and my family. Since I’m always on the road on a daily basis, undeniably there’s this anxiety which comes to my mind. In our city, I winess road accidents and the only thing I can do is to pray and wish them recovery and for those who died, peace to their souls…

In order to make me feel good in spite of what’s happening around me, I have to be nice to others by being extra kind, forgiving (which I’ll write separately in my next post) and by giving tips. Although scientifically, it can’t be proven that the blessings and protection I get is due to my acts of generosity but I insist it’s the case. When I insist, I’m programming my mind to be placed in this reality. And you know what means… Whatever you think consistently, it will come into reality.


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