Having an Offspring

Having an offspring is one of life’s greatest joys. In fact, I can now declare that it’s my greatest joy… Yesterday, I was informed by my eldest son, Lecarre, that he got the Cum Laude award.


My heart leaped for joy as I hugged him. Later today will be their College graduation ceremony. On the other hand, I felt a bit of nostalgia for my mom who passed away last September. She could have attended my son’s graduation. It was her fervent wish to go up to the stage and hang a medal for her loved ones. Although I never got a single award in my school years but this could be the time where she could do it for her grandson.

Now I understand better why mom consistently wished for it. This is how it feels when all of my hard work to generate money in order to pay for my son’s tuition has finally reaped its rewards. Although honestly, it’s already enough for me to see my son finishes College but undeniably, the level of happiness is really this deep and great when he excels in his chosen field, for I intuitively envision he will be more successful outside those classrooms.

The more my happiness gets to be beautifully meaningful when he expressed his excitement to see me and my wife to get up on stage so we can put the medal around his neck. I realize more than ever before that having an offspring completes my happiness of living in this world.

The younger brother, Lance is his best friend. Having two sons in my family is a perfect package which life has given to me. Whoever is behind this, God or any Divine Being, I’m so grateful. I can’t ask for more.

P. S. Etong dalawa kong anak, mabait at matalino. Mga guwapo pa!


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