The Ripple Effect of Giving a Tip

Yesterday, my car didn’t start. Then I found out, the battery wasn’t working. It’s just one year old and three months when it’s supposed to last for more than two years. I checked on its warranty card. Thank God, it has a 21 month warranty replacement. My wife called the store where we bought it.

After more than an hour waiting, the man from the store arrived with a brand new replacement. I told him about the usual life span of the battery. He said mine is an isolated case. I must admit it caused an inconvenience not only on my part but also to my wife. I wasn’t able to send her to work on time.

For a normal person, he would be upset about this situation. Obviously, the man shouldn’t be blamed about this since he’s just working for the company. Surely, he wasn’t the one who manufactured the battery.

However, I responded to the incident in a different manner. After the replacement, I gave him a 100 peso tip. He was a bit surprised. He gave me a happy smile, sincerely thanking me. I don’t know if he had experienced this before but I know I’ve been doing this for many times to different people.


Weeks ago, when my car aircon broke down, I had it returned for a back job. Although they were able to fix it, of course, without a charge, I still gave the servicemen some tip. They seemed to be ashamed knowing they shouldn’t be given a tip for a job not well done for the first time. But I know deep in their hearts, I gave them a different kind of lesson.

Giving tip, for me, is important. Not only it can make someone happy, but the act of giving extra is sending a message that they should continue doing their job well or in another circumstance, they should be able to do their job well in all cases, whoever their customer may be.

Tip giving ultimately is making the person enlightened and touched by the kindness he received. From then on, a ripple effect is created, causing that person to be kind to others as well. This means making more people happy in the long run.


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