The Importance of Symbols

Today is the actual return of the Balangiga bells from the US to our country after it was taken in 1901 by the American soldiers as war trophy.

My countrymen in Samar are so happy about it. You might ask, “What’s so special about that thing?” It essentially a symbol of our Catholic faith, reminding us on the call of parishioners to pay homage to God inside the church. Although God is found everywhere but recognizing His presence in a special place such as in a church is man’s nature to see a representation of someone Divine who can’t be seen.

My beloved Mom passed away last September but her presence lives concretely in me as long as I have this gold necklace she gave me. So if this is stolen, it’ll be painful for me. But when this is return, it’s gonna be a great joy for me.


Symbolism is a very important part in our lives. We live in a world filled with mysteries and unseen beings but when there’s something which we can lay our eyes and hand upon, then it’s already enough for us that we feel assured of their presence. That’s why we have to respects anyone’s belief regarding sacred places and objects. We should never criticize anyone’s faith no matter how weird or nonsense it may be. Symbols help us connect to what we’re longing for and when we find the connection, life’s emptiness is filled up.

I have this rosary hung on the rear view mirror of my car. When I want to ease away my anxiety on the road, I just touch it and it seems I then feel alright, as if God and His angels are protecting me wherever I go. I know it doesn’t mean that if I’m unable to touch it, something bad might happen to me. Touching the object is simply a reminder that everything is just gonna be fine.


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