Funny Ping-Pong

Last night, I played ping pong with my two sons. I like this sport very much for various reasons. One, it can really make me sweat a lot. I then feel light after the game. I feel like all sweet and salty foods I ate were dissolved.


Second, this is the only sport I’m good at, although not that good enough that I can beat other pro players. At least I can still beat my kids who are by the way getting better. I can foresee that in not more than a year from now, I may not be able to win anymore against them.

Third, I can show to my kids that if there’s nothing that I’m good at, then playing ping pong is where I’m undeniably better. In this way, I can inspire them to do their best whether in sports or not.

Fourth, this kind of game is giving me a higher level of enjoyment. I can shout in excitement and thrill when I almost hit the ball which I thought it could have been a point had I applied the right hand technique. I can laugh out loud when I’m able to make my son miss the ball because of my difficult and tricky style. They too can even jump in joy when they score a point no matter how I hard I tried to defend.

Lastly, which is the most important one, it’s a great way of bonding with my sons. I’m already building a friendly and fun atmosphere with them. Who knows in their minds, they’re thinking, “Hhmmm! This is more fun than drinking with my friends.” Or “I really enjoy this than being with my girlfriend.” Hehehe! This is just my speculation.

So find your own sport where you can enjoy with someone who’s close in your life.


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