The Amazing Guyabano

My favorite fruit is guyabano. Recent studies show that it has the ability to kill cancer cells. There was an experiment where a rat is injected with cancer cells and at the same time, injected with an extract of guyabano juice. Laboratory test results show that cancer cells invading the rat’s body are being exterminated with guyabano’s fluid.


Knowing this, i then began to eat this fruit regularly. When we’re able to buy jackfruit (another fave fruit), i mix it milk and with the main ingredient, guyabano in a blender. It may look simple but the process is not because my wife has to carefully peel off the covering while i remove all those seeds.

The outcome product is a superbly delicious smoothie. For me, it got the best of both worlds: powerfully healthy and mouthwatering yummy. And this means producing joy in me but the more i’m happier when i’m able to share this food with my family and especially with my dad, who’s now more than 82 years old.

I explained the benefits of this fruit to him including its ability to naturally heal any joint pains in our bodies. It’s good he believes what i said. He always accepts it with a smile and never fails to consume it without any leftover from his glass. I know he needs it more than anyone of us here.

When my mom passed away in the hospital, i told her deceased body lying in the bed that i’m gonna take care of dad.

So here i am… Presently, with a great help of my wife, we provide Dad his daily meals. I know mom’ spirit is glad to see us down here sincerely taking care of her beloved, left in this world without a partner after almost of 50 years in marriage.


4 thoughts on “The Amazing Guyabano

    • Oo nga, hindi madali mawalan ng isang inay na tunay na nagmamahal sa yo. This blog is my way of finding happiness even i’m still in pain. On your end, patuloy lang sa pag susulat sa blog mo and you will observe later that this isn’t hard at all. It’s just a matter of expressing yourself


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