When I was a small kid, I used to collect matchbox cars. It was a great joy for me every time my mom bought me those die-cast shiny objects. I was amazed looking at them in my room, wishing I get to have my own real car someday.

When I got in High School, my hobby faded but my collection was all intact in my room. Years passed after college, I finally had my own sedan through the car subsidy program of a company I used to work before. I can still remember I fondly touched the dashboard and said, “You’re gonna be okay with me. I’ll take good care of you.” I was true to my word as I cleaned it almost every weekend, spending two hours of washing and wiping. When I wasn’t able to clean it in a week, I went to a car wash to have it serviced including vacuum cleaning.

However, as humans as we are, I guess it’s in our nature that we can’t get enough. I couldn’t help but to envy those high-end SUV’s running on the road which reminded me of my matchbox collection. I still dreamed to have one of those when I would become rich. So I worked harder but my earnings were just enough to pay the bills and buy our needs.

My second car which I’m using right now is still not the one which my great desire really wanted. It’s still a sedan which is commonly used by middle class people here in our country. I know it ‘s all I can afford. I guess I can never actualize my dream car and so I went back collecting these die-cast sports toy cars. Surprisingly, it’s already making me happy, although in a fancy manner, yet the joy is there like a small child smiling, being grateful of having some beautiful material things in possession.


What I’m saying here is find a way where your great desire can be fulfilled. It doesn’t have to be literal. As long as it will symbolically match what’s in your highest dream, that’ll do. It can make you happy.

P. S. May gas station na nagpopromo ngayon. Sa 500 na gasolina mo, makakabili ka ng Ford GT sa halagang 250 lang. Hanep sa ganda!


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