Listen to Music

As I’m writing this, I’m listening to the ethereal soothing sounds of Vangelis. I started to listen to music and appreciate its beauty when I was in elementary. Whenever I was alone and felt empty, I listened to mellow love songs. At that time, there was no internet. I was more into FM radio. When I liked the melody, I recorded it using a cassette player. The cassette tapes I had can usually store from 10 to 15 songs. Then I played it again especially when I was down and I realized music was like my companion or my friend who seemed to be there when I needed some comfort.

A while ago, I saw my dad playing those old dusty cassette tapes. He’s a sentimental type who doesn’t let go of things as long as it’s working. I guess, I acquired my love for music from my dad. When I was small, I saw him frequently listening to those vinyl records.

Now that I’m in my forties, the more I listen to music. When I drive, write, meditate, clean the house or doing something, my iPod is always with me, ready to give the right playlist depending on my mood. Even if I’m tired yet I still need to clean the house, choosing an upbeat dance playlist is enough to get me going. If I can’t sleep due to some thoughts bothering my mind, listening to Enya is oftentimes my sleeping pill.


One time I asked myself, “What would I do without music?” Of course, life goes on but with it, living life with different challenges is beautifully bearable. When I say beautifully, it’s synonymous with happiness.

P. S. Tayong mga Pinoy, mahilig talaga tayo sa musika. Sabi nga nila na ang Pilipinas daw ang “singing capital of the world.” Mukhang totoo nga. Maski nga sa mga lansangan o sa mga squatters area, meron ka ngang makikita na nag kakaraoke.


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