Sleep has becoming more important to me these days more than ever before. I compared those times when I was able to sleep well and those times when not. Every time I get a good straight sleep, be it long or short, when I wake up, my head is clear and my body feels light. I can then breathe well like I’m 10 years younger. And you know what that means… Happy. I’m in a good mood, easy to get along with and likes to talk and smile.

I realize it doesn’t matter how long I sleep, what matters how well I sleep. It has to be straight and uninterrupted. Before I used to think that I should get 8 hours but what’s the use of it when in almost every hour, I’m disturbed with noises and other external forces I can’t control.

I had been experimenting on how I can get a good sleep. I used to drink wine before going to bed but the problem is when there’s a noise, I still get to be awakened. I also used to watch TV or surf the internet because they say it’s gonna make you fall asleep more but it’s the opposite effect on me as I get older. Instead, it’s making my heart beat faster whenever it was time for me to sleep.

Here in the Philippines, our climate is most of the time hot especially during daytime. I work night shift in a call center so that means my sleeping time usually starts at 10 am. This also means I have to turn on the air conditioner to make my room cold. But it’s not a guarantee still I can sleep well. So how do I prepare for a good sleep? After eating breakfast, I have to allow at least two hours for the food to be fully digested before going to bed. Drinking green tea after meal really helps. I make sure I don’t watch TV and refrain from opening my laptop and staring at my cellphone. I read an article that the artificial light emitting from those devices is one of the factors which prevent from giving us a good sleep. I also make sure there’s no mosquito flying around inside. Lastly, I make sure my foam bed is flat without any protruding object below it. Needless to say, my kids are all grown up now so they understand that their dad can’t be disturbed.

P. S. Etong mga lamok, pag nakagat ako, talagang mahirap makabalik matulog. Kaya gumagamit ako ng mosquito repellent para sigurado walang distorbo.




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