Last night, I walked around the oval road surrounding the green grass in our village plaza. I was breathing deeply the fresh air. I looked at the trees and its branches. Somehow, it cleared the congestion in my nose and chest. I felt good and relaxed. I had done this before but due to getting so much occupied at work, I wasn’t able to do this kind of exercise for the past years. Now I’m back on track. Hopefully, I can do this regularly. I also plan in getting back with my weekly jogging at the soccer field of our parish.

I realize that happiness, in order for it to last, I must be in a good disposition, physically and mentally. One of the best ways is to be attune with nature. One time, my brother told me that there are people who stare at the sunrise every early morning. Some would just sit and lean against the trunk of the tree. It’s found out that these practices would make a person well from their ailments.

That’s why, I like cleaning my car when I see the sunrise usually at 6:45. It’s like the gentle heat is penetrating my whole body, purifying the negative elements inside. With the heat stored, I can last the whole day in proceeding to clean the house as well.

What is the truth

If there’s a God out there, one of His best manifestation must be nature. Absorbing its calming and energizing properties is like experiencing joy in my body. It’s the joy of just being alive in this world. No further words can explain beyond the experience. I guess this is far better compared to those who haven’t experienced life at all. So I can never wish I wasn’t born at all. It’s good to be alive.

P. S. Merong matandang lalaki dito sa lugar namin na interview ni Korina Sanchez sa kanyang show na Rated K. I think he’s 90 years old na. Palagi ko siyang nakikita na nag jojoging sa soccer field at nagbabasket ball sa aming village.


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