How can I be happy? Family

When i woke up a while ago, it dawned upon me that I already know what i must do in order to be happy. Everything is here but it’s just i don’t apply it consistently. I’m presented with opportunities right before my eyes so i can embrace and utilize them for me to be happy.

For the past days, months and years, my search was more focused on how i can be rich. I thought i can achieve it. I thought that when i get rich, i can do what i really want and that’s to proceed with my spiritual evolution. I thought that when i get to be financially abundant, i can be focused on my spiritual development without being worried on providing well for my family especially my two sons. I thought that when i have lots of money, i can then help other people with their needs.

However, i guess i may never be rich at all but i can be happy right at this moment. I think this is what matters most in my life. I don’t have much time left. I’m getting older but fortunately, i’m still healthy so i should make most out of it.

I must first appreciate the people who are close in my circle, my wife and kids. There were moments where i was so happy just being with them when we ate together and strolled around the malls. And i realized that i was happier with those times compared with any other things i did before. So therefore, i must see to it that at least once a week, i get to spend my exclusive time with them. I can remember very well that every after those times, i get to be energized on going for another set of days in my life. It’s like they are my charger to the battery in me.

P. S. Yun lang makita ko na talagang masaya sila sa piling ko, parang ayos na ang araw ko at kung puwede pa lang araw arawin…



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